Here’s Why You Should Actually Print Out Your Digital Photos

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Preserve your most sacred memories, lady.

We all want a place that looks, well like us. You know, equal parts classy and quirky—a little eclectic, cool, something that takes those white walls to a whole new level. So, why not step up your décor game by taking advantage of the stuff you’ve already got inside your own phone?

Here are some reasons why you should consider using some hard copies now and again.

Show Off Your Most Flattering Shots

Taking your Instagram or digital camera pictures to a professional printer forces you to make some tough decisions–you’ll pick the best of the best out of your hundreds of options, leaving you with a curated selection of all your faves.

Frame the ones that mean something: the one picture of all your friends where everyone’s eyes are actually open or the pet pictures where your furry friends aren’t running away. Posting photos in your space brings it alive and makes it feel more human and welcoming; its a fun way to elevate your decor and still celebrate the important people in your life.

Digital Isn’t Always Your Most Reliable Option

While iPhones and Androids alike have cloud backup for your photos, contacts, and data, sometimes, things fail. Your photos and precious moments could disappear in an instant if you lose your phone or a data breach occurs. You may have considered that phone pictures run the risk of deletion, but JPGs from your digital camera may fare even worse. Did you know that JPGs wear out over time? Each time you open a file, the quality of the original image deteriorates.

Then there’s the possibility of corrupt files, issues with sizing, cloud storage running out, and so on. Long story short, print those items you like most and get creative with the display.

Decorate Your Place

Online photo printing services offer so many unique photo printing ideas these days. We’re talking full-scale photo collages, poster prints, and physical snapshots of your favorite social media photos. You can also take things up a notch and turn your favorite memories into a book that can be displayed. For example, you can get really great pregancny and baby memory photobooks from

Buy some cool frames to showcase your friends, family, and favorite memories. Any artsy shots can be blown up–a great alternative if your budget doesn’t have much room for shopping the gallery.

Give Someone a Heartfelt Gift

Friends and family are sure to cherish a framed reminder of the good times you’ve shared. Send your girls a selection of pictures from the vacation you took last year — it’s a magical way to capture a moment that you know they’ll truly love. Are your parents missing you much? Send your mom, dad, or grandma some surprise shots of the family.

While a handful of fun pictures are sure to brighten anyone’s day, it’s a smart idea to print and frame a few larger copies for a more “special” feel.

After you’ve selected those items that you’d like to print, keep in mind that many professional photo printing services come with the ability to custom edit your images. Adjust the contrast, white balance, coloration, or add a filter — it’s all up to you. Just don’t keep them stuck in your phone for too long!

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