These Are The Top Trends To Watch For In The Dental Industry

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Technology has changed a lot when it comes to dentistry.

The dental industry is one that continues – and will continue to – change. Over the past few years alone, the dental industry, including the best Dentist London has to offer, has seen countless technology changes, and this year will certainly be no exception. From Bluetooth toothbrushes that enable patients to gauge a better understanding of their brushing habits to 3D printers creating orthodontic models and more, these are the dental trends you need to watch for in 2018.

Augmented Reality

We all dream of having a perfect smile and thanks to augmented reality, we are one step closer to achieving exactly that. Augmented reality provides patients with the ability to “try before they buy”. Showing them instant results on a computer or tablet, augmented reality enables patients to see the results they are expected to see at the end of their treatment. The innovative technology doesn’t just benefit patients, though. Several dental companies have chosen to incorporate virtual reality in their marketing and sales for better conversion results. And if you need a dentist recommendation, there are restorative dentistry services in west seattle.

Increasing Numbers Of Group Practices

Today, group practices are becoming increasingly common. This is because graduating dentists often have far higher levels of student debt, which can massively influence their options for practicing. Further to this, it is far easier for group practices to invest in marketing in order to attract new patients. In turn, this provides greater efficiency.

3D Printers

Accurate, fast and incredibly reliable, 3D printers are rapidly transforming the dental industry. There are countless great benefits of using 3D-printing in the dental industry, including that they offer a far more efficient workflow for dentists and dental technicians alike. Taking the world by storm, 3D printers have promised advances throughout the medical and dental fields. Though a relatively new technology, 3D printing technology can already:

  • Replace or repair damaged teeth
  • Create orthodontic models
  • Produce caps, dentures, bridges, crowns and more
  • Create surgical tools, such as drill guides required to complete specific dental procedures

Bluetooth Toothbrush

Even though the very first Bluetooth toothbrush was introduced in 2014, they have only just begun to take the industry by storm. One of the major benefits of using a Bluetooth toothbrush is that it provides you with real-time data regarding your brushing habits. As well as enabling you to delve deep into your brushing habits, Bluetooth toothbrushes provide helpful suggestions on areas of the mouth that may have been missed during your brushing session. Connected to a mobile phone application that enables you to accurately track your brushing routine, Bluetooth toothbrushes can also help identify the amount of pressure on your gums. What are your thoughts on this old but gold gadget?

There are several dental trends to watch for in 2018 — these are just four! With new technological advancements being revealed on an almost daily basis, you can rest assured that the dental industry will only further improve. From the Bluetooth toothbrush and 3D printers to the use of augmented reality, which dental trend strikes you the most? We’d love to know!

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