(Swipe) Right Or Wrong: Can We Date In The Traditional Sense Anymore?

Times have changed.

It used to be so easy, or was it? Dating used to be a simple affair, you’d meet someone while you are out, get there number, and after two or three dates, you decide if they are worth it. But now, this has been replaced with online dating and a more fast food style approach to finding the right person. Because there are so many that found their partner for life by online dating, there’s hardly a surprise that people turn to the internet for all of their relationship needs, however, lose the term. But does this mean that we, in the modern world, can date in the traditional sense anymore?

Internet: Good Or Bad?

Yes, we have Tinder which conveniently gives us the opportunity to judge someone based on their looks in a matter of seconds, but with this, and any latest crazy awesome random chat app are we giving people the opportunity to present their real selves? After all, we make superficial decisions now and as modern life is progressing at such a rate, that so many people don’t feel that they can physically hold down a relationship as well as a job and their friends. From this perspective, it’s hardly a surprise that hookups have increased. But is the internet to blame for the downfall of relationships in general?

What Does Dating Constitute These Days?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but also the intentions belong to the same person. If we have to go through the minefield of online dating, we endure our fair share of creeps, slimeballs, and those whose approach to relationships are stuck firmly in the cavepeople days. As we go on date after date and find yet another person who uses dating websites as a way to hold up a wall between themselves and the world, can we really get to our perfect match through the internet? This is how we’re all communicating now, so do we need to just dive in and wade through all of the frogs until we find our prince or princess?

Romance Isn’t Dead

Whatever the landscape dictates, the idea of finding our perfect partner involves going through the dating mill, and in many ways, this has changed, it’s just that we have more access than ever before to the wrong sort of people. But when we wait for the right person, as the dating clichés go, we have to go through a lot of awkward social situations. Some people find online dating an easy way to disguise their shyness, but then there are those who are looking for the traditional route to romance. This still exists, and there are ways to do this, and it is the same way as it always was.

Can we date in the traditional sense anymore? While the world of phone calls and getting to know people in person has been replaced with internet dating and swiping left or right, if you want to find it, it is out there. You might just have to look a little bit deeper.

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