4 COVID-19 Dating Ideas That Are Not A Typical Zoom Date

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The landscape of dating has been drastically changed by the COVID-19 pandemic, which brought the need to maintain physical distance from others – including your significant others (current or potential S.Os).

Couples were forced to brainstorm ways on how to meet up safely without violating social distancing and self-isolation protocols. Even singles who shunned dating apps before are now meeting people online since conversing with strangers in crowded bars is no longer an option. Others are relying on online elite matchmaking services for some-kind-of-miracle-please.

Even though safety is essential, COVID-19 need not stop you from enjoying love and romance. Celebrities are enjoying it (cc: Taylor Swift, Harry Styles and did we mention Kristen Stewart girlfriend?), so why can’t you?

There are socially distanced ways you can still get to know someone or enjoy the presence of your significant other. Having something to do, instead of just talking, reveals your true connection.

Consider the following ways to safely date (without always relying on Zoom):

A Tennis Match

If you’re looking for more than a conversation on your first date, take out your potential partner to a tennis court. This socially distanced sport is also fun for newbies who have never picked up a racket. Tennis is also a fun way to stay active and learn more about your partner’s competitive nature.

Tennis doubles as a conversation fire starter. After the match, it’s nice to talk with someone over snacks or a glass of wine.

A Different Kind of Picnic

Pre-COVID-19, date nights were often held at restaurants and bars. Now, while these places are practicing safety protocols to prevent transmission, not everyone’s comfortable with the idea of dining in. So, if you love eating but are thinking about how to practice social distancing during a date, why not go on a picnic . . . with a twist?”

When you go on a picnic, you date outdoors, which is better than dating inside a restaurant. Also, you can make your food, ensuring that whatever you consume is safe. But to add a twist to your date, have both of you make a picnic lunch for each other. This is funny and adventurous at the same time, especially if you’re unfamiliar with each other’s tastes or preferences. You can still tailor your food according to discussed preferences beforehand.

Practice a few safety tips to keep your food free from germs. If you’re not the type to cook, takeout is at your service.

Go on a Hike

Take walks up a notch by going on long walks with your significant other. Parks are great for romantic walks. They are also safer compared to traditional dating activities like dining in restaurants or sipping coffees at cafes. Plus, like tennis, you get to burn calories while you’re at it.

If you live close to a natural reserve or a hiking spot, get your walking gear on and hike. Hiking is an intimate adventure, albeit a bit strenuous. Plus, it gives you an excuse to hold someone’s hand to keep yourself from falling (unless you plan on falling for the person you’re with 100 percent).

Zoom With a Plan

But what if Zoom is the only option you have? Can you still plan a great date?

Many first dates include special drinks and good music. Fortunately, you can still do these online – with help from the ‘Share Screen’ button and delivery services. Similar to the picnic idea, you can curate food for each other and send them before your online date. You can also cook the same meal together while you stay at the Zoom meeting.

If you want to be more ambitious with your meals, attend virtual cooking classes. Participating in these classes can be an exhilarating experience, even if it’s online. Many celebrity chefs are offering virtual cooking lessons where the menu includes delicious meals like lobsters, fancy pasta and the like.

If you’re not a big fan of cooking, play a game. Remember your old show-and-tell days from school? Introduce the best items that represent your personality or have conversations about your must-have items. Two Truths, One Lie is also a popular game with friends and something you can do on a date. As your date tries to guess the lie, a conversation will ensue, prompting you to tell more stories about one another.

COVID-19 may have upended how singles meet others or couples spend their time together but love can still thrive during the pandemic. It’s just a matter of being creative and staying safe at the same time. So, here’s to filling up your love tank while practicing social distancing and safety protocols.

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