5 Reasons You Should Try Clip-In Hair Extensions

Upgrade your look without spending a million bucks.

Clip-in hair extensions are your guru for achieving just about any hairstyle at any length and any color. The versatility is unmatched. Whether you want long or short, curly or straight, natural or synthetic; the options are endless.

Get Bangs Without The Commitment

If you are anything like me, sometimes you’re not very patient when it comes to waiting for your hair to grow out. Or maybe you just don’t want the commitment of having bangs, because once you have them, well…you have to wear them unless you pin them back.

Clip-in extensions allow you to enjoy wearing bangs, with the option of going back to having long hair the very next day, or should I say, the very next hairstyle.

Achieve Fuller Hair With Clip-Ins

Let’s be honest, some styles look better with a little extra volume. Or, if you are shooting for a certain style, clip-ins may be needed to achieve that style. For example, if you’d like a large top bun, clip-ins can be used to add volume. Clip-ins are perfect for adding that extra oomph needed to polish off your hairstyle.

Splash Of Color Without The Damage

Whether you want highlights without the damage, or color without the commitment, clip-ins are perfect either way. Maybe you just want a splash of color for a themed event on the weekend, but don’t want to show up with purple hair on Monday morning for work. Another great way to utilize clip-ins is if you have a young one who is not quite old enough for highlights but you don’t mind them have a splash of color for a special occasion such as a birthday.

Achieve Longer Hair Overnight

Clip-in hair extensions can give you instant length, and you can take them out whenever you want. They are so easy to install and do not expose your natural hair to any damage. Since they are not sewn or glued to your hair, the risk of damage or stress to your hair is little to none.

You can also use clip-ins for a shorter style if you do not want to cut your own hair. For example, you can plait your natural hair close to your scalp and use bobby pins to tuck the ends away, then clip the extensions right over plaits. With this method, you can achieve a short bob, pixie cut, or whatever else your heart desires.

Hair Loss

Hair loss or thinning is a condition that affects millions of people, both male and female. It is nothing to be ashamed about. Clip-ins can be used to fill in gaps and areas that may be thinning, then blended with the surrounding hair for a seamless finish.

One of the amazing things about clip-in extensions is that they come in various widths, curl patterns, lengths, and even in the form of toupees. Whatever your need or desire, you can most definitely achieve it with clip-ins.

Proper Way To Wear A Wig

Adding hairpieces to your regimen can be both exciting and convenient. For example, a wig can be a quick option while you are in a hurry due to its convenience in an application. Wigs also come in different capsizes. Make sure to consult with a professional about what size wig is best for your head circumference and shape. A wig that is too tight can cause hair breakage underneath, as well as headaches from the pressure. However, you do not want a wig that is too loose, as it will not fit properly and may not look very natural. A wig should be secure but not tight.

Natural vs. Synthetic Hair

When it comes to choosing whether to wear natural hair or synthetic hair, it really all depends on what your needs are. Let’s compare:

Natural Hair: There is more versatility with natural hair as far as blending the texture more accurately to your own hair. It can also be permed, relaxed, bleached and/or dyed to your liking. Human hair can also be blow-dried, flat ironed, pressed, or curled with heat. Natural hair should be treated more like your own hair. For example, natural hair will need to be styled more often than synthetic, and moisturized. Also, if it is color-treated, you may need an occasional retouch.

Synthetic Hair: Synthetic hair, although it cannot be dyed, does come in a variety of colors; but you are limited on what is available. They’re relatively inexpensive. Also, synthetic hair has something called style-retention. For example, if you buy a straight synthetic hairpiece, it will remain straight, whereas if you buy a curly synthetic piece, it will maintain that same curl pattern. Synthetic air generally has a lifespan of 4 to 6 months. Synthetic hair can also have an unnatural shine to it. Lastly, rain or shine, synthetic hair will hold its style.

Caring For Your Hairpieces

All forms of hair extensions need to be properly cared for; whether it is a wig, hairpiece, or clip-ins. Cleansing the hair is necessary. If you are wearing natural extensions, use the same shampoo and conditioner as you would on your own hair. For synthetic hairpieces, there are specialized products that you can use to cleanse, condition, and rejuvenate the fibers.

Clip-in hair extensions are affordable, will not damage your hair, easy to install, and gives you just about any look that you are going for. They are extremely versatile as you can switch them up in no time at all. Give them a try and you’ll find out that they are amazing in more ways than one!

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