How CBD Works And What Research Has To Say About It

cbd can improve quality of life

Cannabidiol is found in the plant Cannabis sativa, and it’s looking great when it comes to treating anxieties and seizures. Although cannabis is the source of marijuana that’s illegal in many parts of the world, CBD is different from it, but to be sure check is CBD oil legal in your region.

Unlike THC, which is abundant in marijuana, cannabidiol has calming effects that don’t feel intoxicating at all. CBD does not even cause high and getting stoned feelings that are typically associated with the cannabis plant.

Some of the potential uses and how cannabidiol works in the body are discussed below. You can also visit pages like CBD oil research for more findings of this seemingly miraculous oil extract. Learning more about this treatment option will benefit you a lot, especially if you are experiencing anxieties.

More on How CBD Works

The body has several receptors that are located in its many different systems. The receptors attach to the cells, and they receive stimulus from the brain. They are protein-based in a structure, making it easier to go to the other parts of the body.

CBD interacts and binds itself with specific receptors such as CB1 and CB2. These kinds are found in the peripheral and central nervous system, which controls all the sensations and bodily functions.

The exact nature of how cannabidiol interacts with the CB1 and CB2 receptors is not yet fully known. But many researchers are saying that these receptors can alter serotonin signals in the brain.

Serotonin serves as an essential transmitter in one’s mental health. Low levels of this hormone are commonly associated with anxiety and depression. In traditional medicine, the treatments for low levels of this hormone include sertraline, Prozac, and other SSRI.

Other people manage their anxieties with CBD instead of SSRIs. You can learn more about SSRIs here: But it’s important to talk to your doctor first before changing your treatment and see what other options are available.

Evidence and Research About Cannabidiol

Some studies found that cannabidiol has a lot of benefits. Some of the potential benefits of cannabidiol are included in the following ailments:

Generalized Anxieties

There’s an evidence-based study from the National Institute on Drug Abuse that shows CBD is excellent in reducing stress. Laboratory rats that are showing increased stress levels were able to show a decrease in anxieties and improved heart rate. However, more research is needed to know more about how CBD extracts affect generalized anxiety disorders in humans.

Other Forms of Anxieties

CBD may prevent episodes of post-traumatic stress disorders and social anxiety disorders from manifesting. People who can’t sleep at night due to severe insomnia may also benefit from cannabidiol oil.

In studies done in 2011, the researchers wanted to know the effects of people with social anxiety disorders. Most participants were given oral doses of 400 mg of placebo or cannabidiol. Those who have received doses of CBD were able to reduce their levels of anxieties overall.

Multiple studies also quoted that CBD can help with symptoms pertaining to PTSD. You can learn more about PTSD on this site here. Many may have negative memories and recurring nightmares about an accident or abuse that they have undergone in the past.

The studies included CBD and standalone treatments for people who have post-traumatic stress disorders. It was found out that those who were taking the cannabinoids have improved a lot, and they were not having as many nightmares as the ones who are on standalone medication.

Neurological Disorders

In neurological disorders, cannabidiol has been found to be useful as well. In a literature review in 2017 regarding psychiatric disorders, the authors were able to find some evidence that cannabidiol can help people with anxiety disorders.

However, there were not enough pieces of evidence to conclude that cannabidiol can treat depression. The good thing is that there’s evidence that states cannabidiol can help with a lot of anxiety disorders. Based on the researchers’ reviews, it’s essential for the user to understand more about how cannabinoids work, the ideal doses for their body weight and health, and if there are side effects to watch out for.

Research in 2016 has found out that CBD can have antipsychotic effects for patients who have schizophrenia. Additionally, there was no evidence found that the extracts will have a debilitating impact on its users, and it doesn’t interact with most antipsychotic drugs. Lastly, to know more about how CBD works, experience it firsthand while utilizing Five CBD discount code to save.

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