This Woman Shares How She Became ‘The Six-Figure Spa Chick’ And Built Her Empire

candace holyfield

Resilient, adaptable, and hard-working are the three words that Candace Holyfield aka The Six-Figure Spa Chick uses to describe herself.

Not only is she a successful massage therapist, herbalist, medical assistant, and holistic practitioner, but she also wears the hat of a spa coach,  helping others take their business to the next level

In 2011, she became a massage therapist before opening up her first spa in Memphis, Tennessee, and ultimately climbing her way up the ladder of success and earning six figures. Holyfield sat down with BAUCE to discuss her vision behind the first-ever Black Spa magazine, ways she had to shift business due to the pandemic, and advice for other entrepreneurs. She even lets us in on what self-care means for The Six Figure Spa Chick herself. 

You’re a self-made entrepreneur,  even earning the nickname, ‘six-figure spa chick’, so I want to know what inspired you to create the first-ever Black Spa magazine?

Holyfield: There’s actually one, large Caucasian spa magazine called the American Spa magazine and they do huge women and wellness award show, and every year it’s done without any real representation in the award show and the magazine.

I’m fortunate to have been featured in the magazine twice, but every year when the awards come out, Black spa professionals end up crying and distraught when they’re left out, but nobody would create their own award show or magazine so I did it. 

I created it for myself, and it’s been going really great. People love a pat on the back or just to be celebrated so that’s where the whole idea came from.

Speaking of inclusivity and making sure that we’re at the forefront in an industry, much like many others, where we aren’t at the top due to reasons beyond our control, how are you making this a priority through your business? 

Holyfield: “I’m trying to show African-Americans, especially spa professionals, that we too can have the same success as our ethnic counterparts.

I have endowed myself to educate as many people as possible on how to scale their business and how to be successful just like any other big company we see.

That’s truly amazing — lifting as you climb. While you’ve had much success, 2020 was a year like no other, so how have you managed to survive as an entrepreneur?

Holyfield: I had to take a moment to gather myself because it was like my whole world came crashing down.

Last year we saw it unfolding, but we just weren’t prepared. I used to take spa professionals all the way to China to get materials because they were drastically cheaper.

The first day that the shutdown happened, I asked the question, “what am I going to do with myself?” Prior to the pandemic, I was blessed to be able to visit China a total of 26 times, taking other spa professionals with me, and wanted to do the same last year but on another level.

After two days of being down, I got myself together remembering that I am the six-figure spa chick — I said to myself, “I’m the spa queen.”

I began to hold virtual classes via Zoom every week, began talking to the women in my community who make their own products, and encouraged them to not only do virtual at-home consultations but even to start selling hand sanitizer because it was in such high demand.

Every month I was holding Zoom classes, building my network, staying relevant, and even meeting new spa people along the way — what was meant for bad, actually turned out for good.

Wow, talk about a shift in perspective! Any words of advice for entrepreneurs trying to still navigate this mess and stay afloat?

Holyfield: I can give advice all day, but one thing I would tell entrepreneurs is to get their paperwork right!

A lot of people start and don’t have the money to run their business and while we often hear that Black people can’t get access to the money, a lot of times it’s because we don’t have our paperwork right.

It’s more than just the logo and website, people need to make sure that they have a business checking account and a one payment processor. 

No one is really teaching the business side of things or how to properly get your paperwork together, but I want my people to be able to get access to funds if they need them so get that business bank account, don’t just rely on Cash App, Zelle or any other money services.

I want people to set up everything right in the beginning so that they can be in this for the long haul.

Listen, that’s great advice! So lastly, tell me, in the midst of all of this what is self-care is like for the Six Figure Spa Chick?

Holyfield: Number one, a lot of people think self-care is just about going to the spa to get a massage, but it’s also very much about your mental health.

So many people are dealing with mental things and it’s another reason they can’t get their business together or life in order.

For me, when it came to getting my self-care, I had to get my mental together and it changed my whole life and business.

I know that if I’m in a stress-free environment, I think better, I perform better, I come up with better ideas, I make more money.

Self-care is definitely about your mental, making sure your house is clean, things like that. Of course, everyone deserves a spa day or two, but it’s even about what we eat.

Just setting out a time in the day for yourself, because as women, we help everyone else out, and that’s just so important.

This year I’m making sure I’m working out 30 minutes a day — all of this is really an important part of self-care.

Getting in tune with yourself is so important because once we get burned out, we can’t be any good to anyone else.

For more on Candace Holyfield, aka The Six Figure Spa Chick, visit her website here:

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