Can You Read Your Man’s Body Language?

By Leslie Xavier

Reading and understanding people based on their body language is an art that can come in handy at several points in one’s life. However, reading in particular a male’s body language to understand what his present thoughts are all about is a separate subject altogether.

Although there are several common body postures that denote the same thing for both genders there are some specific ones that mean slightly different things for men and women.

The general thing to remember about males is that their body language is not exactly an extension of their minds the way it is for a woman. One can read a lot about a woman’s state of mind, interests etc through the way she sits, walks, speaks but amongst men there isn’t all that much of a difference. This is because women are naturally born to be more expressive and open about what they think and feel whereas men tend to shy away from their true feelings. They are known to mask what they really feel so that people are just left to do their own guessing.

In order to read a male’s body language one needs to focus on the little things, the little gestures and actions that give away the secret. Here below are a few tips on the same:

Notice the handshake

A confident man will always have a tight and level handshake. A man with low self esteem will usually have a lose handshake and will be the one to end it first. So when you meet a man for the first time, you will be able to understand a lot about his esteem and confidence levels.

How does he walk?

One can tell a lot about the way a man walks into a room / meeting. A man who walks in with a quick pace and looks straight when he does is one who has a lot of focus and a set list of objectives that he knows he needs to achieve no matter what. This kind of person would generally always be in a hurry, would adopt a “no-nonsense” attitude and would prefer to be professional throughout his interaction with you, leaving no room for humor. On the other hand, a man who walks into a room / meeting with a slow gait and a tired look is one who is probably in the train of thinking of a better future or different future than what his present life is leading him to.

The way he sits

A lot can be interpreted of a man by the way he sits. Men generally sit with their legs apart, it’s their natural posture. If you notice a man sitting this way, it generally means that he is sure of himself and knows what he is talking about. This is why he sits the way a man is supposed to. If a man is worried about something, he will slouch when he sits and will fidget a lot. One of the most common signs of a man who is worried or whose mind is elsewhere is the shaking of a leg while sitting. This though can also be read as a sign of impatience. Similarly, when a man sits by leaning towards his partner, it means that he is interested in the partner and what the partner is saying. Furthermore, someone who sits with a straight back is one with high confidence and intelligence.

The way he holds his fork or spoon when he eats

Everyone is taught table manners as a child. However, everyone has their own way of holding a spoon / fork when they eat. One can tell a lot about how a person holds his spoon and fork. For instance, someone who holds their fork just below the handle tip is one who is broad minded and open to new things. A man who holds his fork / spoon towards the end is one who is usually going to be rigid and temperamental.

The way he carries his briefcase

There are several give a ways about a man based on the way he carries his briefcase. A man who holds onto his briefcase tightly and close to his chest while traveling on a bus, in a taxi, metro etc is one who can safely be considered as over cautious. This kind of person would always prefer to keep things simple and to go by the book. Additionally this can also be a sign of a man who is hiding something / who is secretive. On the other hand, a man who holds his briefcase by the handle and walks with a smart strut is one who is at ease with himself, confident and mature as a person.

The way he holds a pen

A man who holds his pen towards the nib can be considered as a perfectionist. This is because they ideally hold their pens there because they want to have more control over what they are writing. A man who holds his pen towards the top is one who is probably much more relaxed and laid back. These kinds of people will also frequently play with their pens while they talk, either by flipping it or twirling it over and over again.

The way he answers his cell phone

A confident young achiever would always answer his mobile in a quick, no nonsense manner by saying hello and greeting the other person formally. One who isn’t sure of himself or one whohasn’t been successful in life would keep staring at the phone or delay answering it no matter who is calling. This is because they are unconsciously trying to hide from themselves and the rest of the world.

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