If You’re Thinking Of Getting A Pet, Here’s What You Need To Know

Did you know that a dog can help your mental health in significant ways? Your mental health is just as important as your physical health, and when you take care of your mental health, you’re able to live a fuller, healthier life than you could before. Owning a pet can help you to improve your mental health as well as the physical, which you get from walking a new dog!

Almost everyone loves dogs. There are not many reasons not to given that their whole purpose is to look after us and love us, and who can deny a dog the chance to do that?! The problem is that dogs are a lot of work. They are a big commitment, they cost a lot, and they are there to be a long-term companion for you. You need to know exactly what to expect when you invest your cash in a pet pooch to enhance your life. Let’s take a look at some of the things that you should remember before you go and spend your money.

Go Rescue

Before you go for a new dog on the internet, think about rescuing it instead of buying it as a puppy. Many dogs are waiting in shelters, and foster homes for a new owner and they are just as calm and sweet as a puppy bought from an unlicensed seller. Dogs all come from somewhere, and you need to know their history before you bring your pet home. All pets that are rescued will need to have some help and training, and that should be a financial consideration before you invest.

Clean Up

Speaking of training, you need to know whether your new dog is potty trained or not. Well, housebroken in the very least. Dogs already have a myriad of hygiene issues to consider given that they shed a lot of hair. If you have carpets, you need to check out for the best carpet cleaners around. You’ll have to consider the hair and mud that will be tracked into the house, and while you can train your dog, you can’t leave all the mess outside. Just be prepared for it before you buy!

They’re Expensive

The cost of a new dog doesn’t end with the cost of their rehoming. You have to consider their checkup costs, shots, food bills, worming medicine, veterinary bills, collars, leashes, flea repellant, and even neutering expenses. Dogs depend on you, and there is a lot of time invested as well as money, which you need to prepare yourself for. You can’t go in with rose-tinted glasses because you are going to end up making a mistake! Think of your finances first, and then make your move.

Are You Busy?

Your mental health and wellbeing are essential, so consider how busy you are in your career and your social life. Your dog has to fit into your lifestyle, and if you don’t have the time for your new dog, you shouldn’t get one. Your mental health is essential, but so is the mental health of your dog. A neglected dog doesn’t do very well, and you should consider that. They cannot be kept locked away for the day just because you have a life; so make careful decisions here.

Where Do You Live?

Whether you live in a house or an apartment, you need to consider whether your living situation is one that would suit a boisterous and loud dog. Dogs bark, and that’s nothing you will be able to help. You can train a dog to keep the barking to a minimum, but are your neighbors willing to be patient while you’re training? Probably not. Consider also whether you are even allowed to keep dogs in your building, as if you go ahead and buy before you check, you could be causing yourself an issue before you’ve even got started.

A Big Commitment

Dogs are the most significant commitment after children, and you should think about your time and the way that you live your life before you go ahead and get one for yourself. You should think about all of these options and whether a dog is a good idea for your situation. Mental health is essential, but you need to think about your health, your home and your lifestyle and work out whether this is suited to a dog and all they need. Once you know for sure, you can go ahead and choose a brand new dog to love! 

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