Why We All Need to Be Aware Of Mental Health Symptoms

Self-reflection is a tall task to ask anyone else to do let alone to try to do it yourself. Why does it take so long for people to step up to the plate and get the help they may sorely need for their mental health?

Denial is usually a big factor. It can be hard to admit to anyone or even to yourself that you could use a helping hand in battling a life issue. Here are some things to consider if you or someone you know might be suffering from a mental illness.  Learning the tell-tale traits of a person suffering from mental illness will allow you to understand what to look for, even if it’s a personal issue. It is better to be informed so you can take the necessary steps required to get healthy. Let’s look at eating disorders as an example.

Recognizing the Problem and Getting Treatment

As mental health issues continue to expand it’s good to get informed. Statistics on mental health can be found on a number of reliable websites, and many are alarming. As with any health-related issue, it’s important to get eating disorders properly diagnosed so you can get treatment.

Why Eating Disorders Happen

A wide variety of factors can play into why someone might develop an eating disorder, but personal emotions rank high on the list, as they cause people to make unhealthy decisions. Influences on emotions include a person’s view of themselves in the public eye. With advertisements featuring thin models on every billboard, television and device screen, it’s easy to fall victim to the perceived image of what humans should look like. And if you fall outside those parameters, then begins the self-loathing and depression.

The Eating

With the belief of what a person needs to look like drilled into young and impressionable minds, eating disorders sneak their way into the lives of children and young adults. Such issues include bulimia, anorexia and binge eating. Each one has it’s individual pitfalls and concerns but they are all mental health issues.

People begin to trek this unhealthy path and without help, it can be disastrous. These are serious forms of unhealthy eating habits that either rob the body of important nutrients or overstuff it with needless calories. Hand in hand, eating disorders and mental health issues can be diagnosed and treated simultaneously. Know the signs, so you can make the right decision and seek out assistance with your issue.


Knowing and admitting the problem is a good first step to a healthier life, but in the end, after all is said and done, comes the recovery. Professional help is needed for eating disorders so patients can deal with both the physical and mental aspects of them. Unless the underlying feelings and emotions are dealt with, these or other self-destructive behaviors will just resurface, often with serious and even deadly consequences.

Everyone should be able to enjoy a healthy life while managing their mental illness to the best of their ability. No one should have to suffer alone, so if anyone you know is in trouble, do what you can to help them through their difficult time. Show them that you care and have their back when they need it most.

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