7 Tips and Ideas for a Fancy Yet Budget-Friendly Wedding

Even with a limited budget, your fancy dream wedding can still be a reality.

A wedding ceremony will be one of the costliest events you’d ever spend on but since it’s a once-in-a-lifetime event, you’d want to make it extra special and memorable. It’s only natural to pick only the best wedding vendors, but they can be way out of your budget if you’re the frugal type.

But that’s not a reason to frown. Even with a limited budget, your fancy dream wedding can still be a reality. You just have to tweak some traditional elements and add your own twist to them, instead. Here are some hacks and ideas to consider to save money on your big day:

1. Forget About the Expensive Wedding Ring

The wedding ring is the ultimate symbol of love, but that doesn’t mean you have to spend a ton on it. Many couples are actually ditching it, opting for more versatile materials such as silicone instead. Silicone wedding rings or bands are far more affordable than gold and silver, but undoubtedly more comfortable and just as durable.

Such rings are ideal if you have an active lifestyle. That way, you won’t have to take off your ring during rigorous activity. Stylish silicone bracelets are also available, so if you want to add more twists, you can have both a wedding ring and a couple’s bracelet.

2. Skip the Traditional Wedding Cake

The three-tier wedding cake is a staple in receptions, but does it really mean something significant for you as a couple? The hefty price may not be worth it if the dessert doesn’t represent you at all. If you feel like it won’t be necessary, skip it and choose another dessert that’s actually special for you. Some couples have gone for cupcakes, pies, and even ice-cream, so don’t hesitate to serve an unexpected dessert on the table.

3. Do Away With Floral Centerpieces

Bouquets of fresh flowers are pricey, so unless floral is your theme, then you can do away with it. There is a multitude of centerpiece options that are more affordable and unique, so explore those. If flowers remain to be your first choice, you can save money by having your reception in a garden venue so that your flowers will already be provided, and you can use another centerpiecesuch as candelabras.

4. DIY Your Invitations

If you have the talent in lettering, then you may want to consider a DIY wedding invitation. You can ask for help from your bridesmaids to make it fun! Or you can skip the physical invitations altogether and just create an online one. It’s less waste and less work.

5. Have Greenery On Your Bouquet

As mentioned, fresh flowers are pricey, so cut those costs and use greenery to lush up your bouquet. It adds more texture and dimension to your typical bouquet, and the nature-like vibe is relaxing to look at. For your bridesmaids, use only two or three large blooms then pop the greens.

6. Ditch the Boutonnieres

Another expensive wedding tradition is the groom’s and groomsmen’s boutonnieres. The more affordable yet equally elegant alternatives for these are the pocket squares. It’s simpler but more dapper.

7. Order Your Dress Early

Ordering your gown late can cost you rush fees, especially if you’d need alterations. Shop for your dress the earliest possible to avoid last-minute costs. Visit bargain shops – they might have hidden designer gems that cost up to $500 lower.

With these smart and economical tips and ideas, your wedding will still be a glamorous one despite its affordability. It goes to show that you don’t need a hefty amount of money to pull off an elegant and dazzling event.

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