Be Real: Are You Truly Killing The Game In Your Career?

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When we talk about hustle, we’re often really talking about success. About goals and hard work and money. But the bottom line of it is always about the work itself. Because when you’re a woman with dreams and you want to get to a certain point in your career, you know that only hustle will help you.

Putting in minimal effort, being lazy, and not showing up for yourself is never going to get you anywhere. We all know that. To reach your goals and become the BAUCE you’ve always envisioned actually takes grit. You have to put the work in, the hours, the ideas. And you have to be consistently productive in order to do that. And only then are you going to see the magic happen.

But what do you do if you’re not there yet? If you’re losing motivation or you’re afraid that you’re off track? Will you ever get to your ultimate career queen self? Let’s take a look.

Mastering Your Set Up

To start with, you need to make sure that you’re organized with your professional approach to your career. Do you need to think about getting a better resume or portfolio? Could you use something such as to look more professional and to create your own branded documents? It’s important to ensure that you look the part and that you’re presenting yourself to companies in the right way.

Showing Up On Social Media

To some people, social media is bad. It’s distracting and demotivating. But it can be revolutionary for your career. When you’re on social media and you’re using it to boost your work, showcase your expertise and connect with other professionals, it can help you to grow. But you need to be intentional with this and have an aim for what you’re doing on your social channels.

Putting The Work In

If you’re keen to grow and develop, then you need to be real with yourself. Are you putting the work in? Do you really want it? If you don’t think that you’re maxing out on your productivity, then you may need to look at something such as, to help you keep yourself motivated. When you put the work in, it’s much easier for you to start ticking boxes, knock down doors, and head in the right direction.

Learning From Your Mistakes

And the last thing that you need to be aware of (and accept), is that you’re going to make mistakes. You will fail and struggle. We all do – it’s just a natural and normal part of your career and business life. But, what’s important here is that you learn from your mistakes. And that you aim not to do them again. Make sure that you’re always in a learning frame of mind. That way, you can aim to improve next time around or do things differently.

When you’re honest with yourself, you’re objective, and you’re eager to learn and grow, you’ll get there. You’ll find that creating a career you love is a process – and on that you’re always willing to work on. And only then, will you feel like your ultimate career queen self.


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