16 Black Photographers You Should Hire For Your Photo Shoot

These are the girls you really want snapping your pics.

There’s nothing like a good photo shoot. Great photos help us to capture positive memories and communicate messages in an engaging way. Black women have been taking photos for years but seldom are they recognized for their work, especially since the photography world has grown immensely. Not only are they taking over the photography game they are creating companies and landing deals with major brands because of their talent. If you are looking to continue supporting black businesses, then look no further. Here’s a list of 16 black female photographers that have the skills to make the photos for your wedding, next event or social media poppin’.

1. Vanessa Clifton

If you’re looking for a classic touch to your photography, then Vanessa is your girl. Originally from Texas, Vanessa received her BFA in photography from Western Michigan University in 2012. She has assisted and led professional photo shoots for everything from weddings to social events.

Location: New York City | Website | Instagram

2. Jaida A. Moore

Jaida A Moore Black Photographer

Whether you are looking for a good headshot or a beauty shot, Jaida A. Moore has mastered capturing beauty and creating moments that you can use to get your Instagram popping or your LinkedIn profile.

Location: DMV Area  | Website | Instagram

3. Irene Wesee

Irene Weese black photographer

Irene Wesee is all about helping you preserve precious memories. Whether it’s a family photo, a wedding photo, or capturing a sleeping baby, she can take those precious moments that pass so fast and make them last a lifetime.

Location: Minnesota | Website | Instagram

4. Toni Shaw

Toni Shaw Black photographer

Toni Shaw is a photographer and Fine Art painter from Greensboro, North Carolina. She is the principal photographer and owner of Shaw Photography Group. She can capture a ballerina midair and create scenes that look as though they were taken straight from a fairytale.

Location: North Carolina | Website |Instagram

5. Nicole Mondestin

Bauces work hard and we know how to make things happen. However, we all want to look and feel sexy from time to time. Nicole Mondestin is not only able to capture a women’s beauty — she also captures those sexy moments. If you want to take a sexy but very classy photoshoot Nicole is your girl.

Location: New York | Website | Instagram

6. LaJune King

LaJune Kine is based in Frisco, Texas but she travels to Austin bi-monthly to shoot there as well. She primarily shoots in natural light; her pictures are bright and she knows how to catch a candid moment.

Location: Texas | Website | Instagram

7. Kelli Scates

Kelli Scates black photographer

When it comes to visuals that pop, Kelli has got it. Specializing in potraits, Kelli blends the edginess of culture, art, fashion, style and entertainment to produce photos of high editorial quality.  She has been published in Annex Magazine, LA Sentinel and Black Enterprise.

Location: Los Angeles |  Website | Instagram


8. Porsha Antalan & Mahogany Brown

There is a huge gap when it comes to finding stock images that represent people of color. Bloggers and independent authors of color have been complaining about the lack of good stock photos that showcase black people doing regular things. These ladies noticed the gap and created Brwn Stock Imaging. Now you don’t have to scroll for hours trying to find a black woman looking at a computer for your new blog post.

Location: Virtual | Website | Instagram

9. Diahann Williams

Diahann aka Dee knows how to capture a good action shot. Her photography is edgy with a bit of sass. She has flavor and is not afraid to sprinkle it all over your event when covering it. From capturing the money shot at concerts to helping bloggers get the best pictures for their websites–Dee has you covered.

Location: New York City | Website | Instagram

10. Joyanne Faith Panton

If you have ever visited Joyanne’s Instagram page then you know it will leave you drooling. Her lifestyle shots and wedding photos are beautiful. If you didn’t know any better, you would think her page was 3D because the images are just the beautiful. She takes your precious moments and turns them into gems.

Website | Instagram

11. Kahran Bethencourt

Kahran Bethencourt is half of the creativity behind some of the cutest photos floating around the internet. Kathran and her husband started their own company that specializes in children’s photography.

Location: Atlanta | Website | Instagram

12. Angelica Johnson-Smith

Angelica Johnson-Smith is the owner of Childish Couture Photography. Her company started out as a small-scale boutique modeling business for her then five-year-old daughter and is now a commercial and editorial photography studio located in Baton Rouge, Louisana.

Location: Louisiana | Website | Instagram

13. Arekah Dunlap

Arekah Dunalap is the owner of Arekah the Goddess Photography, which specializes in fashion, concept, beauty, and photography branding. Her company provides you with professional stylists, makeup artists, and hair stylists all available for you to create a custom session known as the “Goddess Treatment.”

Location: Tennessee | Website | Instagram

14. Latoya Dixon

Finding a wedding photographer can be one of the most challenging and exhausting things to do. Latoya Dixon is a South Carolina Wedding Photographer and her skills will ease any bride to be fears. She is able capture the essence of love that will have any bride smiling for years to come.

Location: South Carolina | WebsiteInstagram

15. Ruby L. Melton

Ruby is a self-taught lifestyle and documentary photographer, she likes to capture the overall essence of the session in an artistic, documentary style. It is this type of photography that makes her photos look for natural.

Location: Washington, DC WebsiteInstagram

16. Anesha Collins

Anesha Collins is a photographer and cinematographer for weddings and events. Voted 2017 Best Wedding Photographer & Videographer in Central Florida, her attention to detail and her ability to capture the right moment makes her amazing at what she does.

Location: Florida | WebsiteInstagram



  1. Anesha

    August 6, 2017 at 2:18 pm

    Teruly honored to be listed in this list of amazing creatives.

  2. robeno15

    December 14, 2017 at 3:43 pm

    This is awesome… hope to be listed some day!

    Robin L.

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