BAUCE Moms Can Use These Black History Month Resources To Educate Their Kids

It’s officially the greatest time of the year! Carter G.  Woodson once said, “knowing the past opens the door to the future,” and what better way to kick start Black History Month than to gift the little ones in your life with the knowledge of the history of those who paved the way for them!

Now, more than ever, we can’t rely on the school systems to teach our children the deep, rich history of Black people.

One would think that because our culture keeps the world spinning, we’d know everything there is to know about who we are and what we’ve accomplished.  However, that is not the case; therefore, we must do it ourselves.

Check out these resources for BAUCE moms looking to not only take control of the narrative when it comes to instilling the history of who we are into their children but those who also understand that oftentimes, they are their children’s first teacher. 

Celebrate Black History Month and teach your children the BAUCE way by tapping into these resources.

  • National African American Read-In – this groundbreaking effort was established in 1990 by the Black Caucus of the National Council of Teachers of English in order to make literacy a significant part of Black History Month. To date, this initiative has reached over 6 million participants around the world. Click here for more on how you and your child can get involved!
  • National Museum of African American History & Culture (NMAAHC) – the museum may not be operating under normal conditions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but children and adults can take advantage of the museum’s online programs like the NMAAHC Learning Labs, The Young HIstorians Institute: The Virtual Remix, and more!
  • National Family Game Night- This double HBCU alumna is on a mission to celebrate the history of black wealth and Black board and card game developers by taking family game nights across the world to a whole new level. For more on how to join in for the fun on February 26, 2021 click here.
  • There’s nothing like some good ole’ fashioned printables to teach Black history right from the kitchen table! Click here to download Black History Month printables as we continue to transform homes into school and work worldwide.
  • Ted Talks! Turn weekends up a notch and gather around the couch with some popcorn to check out informative Ted Talks to help celebrate Black history all month long.
  • Meet the kids of the next generation on their level with apps that make learning all things Black History fun and informative! Go to your app store to download Black History Month Trivia Game for a weeknight or weekend filled with fun Black History facts!

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