15 Black Business Coaches To Follow That Will Boost Your Business Mindset

Kyshira Moffet

How’s your timeline looking? One of the most important things you can do for yourself is to keep your social media timelines clean. Words and visuals are powerful, we take in so much information on a daily basis, so much energy being sent to us without even realizing it. Take an inventory of your timeline, notice what you’re feeding your mind, your spirit.

Here’s a list of 15 black business coaches that are black women that you should consider following. These ladies are really making an impact on women of color in their respective industries. From coaching to DIY, there’s something great here for everyone!

Candace Junee


Candace is a marketing coach, aiming to help women entrepreneurs us instagram as a marketing tool. She is the CEO of Epic Fab Girl, which is a space for Christian women entrepreneurs to network and connect while building their businesses.

Christian Maxwell


Christian is a “marketing maven by day, DIY junkie by night!” Her DIY projects are so admirable, while her sense of style and all things home good and business is absolutely something you want to take in on a daily basis.

Jodi-Kay Edwards


Jodi will help you secure the bag! As a visibility coach, she works to help others earn six-figures in their very own businesses.

Kelly J.


If you are looking to become a life coach, Kelly J. is the perfect follow for you! She coaches, mentors, and certifies life coaches – everything you need right in one place! Her marketing and business tips are worth every save.

Courtney Sanders


Courtney is a business coach, previously featured in Forbes! She gives a lot of advice about starting a business, e-learning marketing, and creating courses to boost income. Her podcast, The Courtney Sanders Show, is a must listen as well!



Pronounced Loo-g-milla, Ludmilla is a business manager and financial strategist helping solopreneuers manage all the behind the scenes work. She partners with women who are are looking to grow their income and business. Need help tracking revenue or creating a budget you can stick with? This is where you need to be!

Juliet Cobodo


I love how Juliet changes the game by incorporating hypnosis and spiritual practices into her coaching. She is a hypnotherapist that offers 1:1 sessions, group hypnosis, opportunities for healing and so much more.

Allyson Byrd


As the Chief of Sales Officer of Money Movers International LLC, Allyson and her team helped more than 3,000 entrepreneurs generate more than $105 million in revenue. Need I say more? She drives home the idea of manifesting your way to achieving your goals and encourages us all to cultivate a money mindset!

Kyona McGhee


As business owners, it’s important to protect your brand and business with a trademark. Kyona is the lead attorney at Trade Mark My Stuff and the founder of The McGhee Law Firm, PLLC, so everything you need to know, legally, is right here!

Arnita Johnson-Hall


Arnita is the owner of a credit consulting business, and the creator of Luxurious Credit and Luxurious Lifestyle Planner. Having your finances on track is not only a necessity for business but is also a necessity for life! We’re not getting any younger, credit scores matter!

Chanelle Ashli


The Millionaire Mom’s Club is PACKED with tips and information about creating generational wealth. Chanelle breaks it all down – social media, targeting customers, and increasing sales. She even has a book about turning your kids into tiny CEOs! She is also a real estate investor, fashion designer, and creator of The Startup Kidz.

Tiyana Robinson


Aiyana is a makeup artist and beauty business coach, previously featured in Essence, The Root, and Buzzfeed. She offers a step-by-step guide to help you plan and launch your own makeup masterclass with only 3 things – a sign up/thank you page, a payment processor, and video conferencing software.

Keirsten Greggs


Keirsten is a talent acquisition consultant and career coach. Being a business owner sometimes comes with the responsibility of taking care of employees. Keirsten aims to “bridge the gap between the job seeker and organizations…” Even if you’re not interested in starting a business, she produces content for not only employers but employees as well.

Marie Zain


Marie can show you how to use Instagram to generate a profitable business. Among freebies and coaching services, Marie is ready to teach you how to earn thousands of dollars via the popular social media app.

Kyshira Moffet


Kyshira is not only a business coach. She’s also an author and brand strategist helping women “package their expertise, brand their influence, and monetize their online presence.” Kyshira uses Facebook and Youtube to build her online community and is also the host of her podcast “The Bombshell Diaries.”

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