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If you’re interested in making your style more unique, then consider thrifting or trying out a consignment shop. If you don’t have the energy to get to your local store (or just don’t want to dig for treasures) then look no more. Bettys & Boys is an online consignment shop filled with goodies you’re bound to adore.

1) How did you two get the idea for Bettys&Boys?

Danielle Elise: Tiffany and I, since freshman year of college have had ideas of owning our own business together. We’ve had a bra line, blazer line and a very small clothing line. We came up with Bettys and Boys after brainstorming and thinking what are passions were at the moment. We loved thrifting, shopping and both men and woman’s fashion. We decided to create a consignment shop online that cater to both men and women hence the name Bettys and Boys.

Tiffany Nicole: We were both enrolled in Fashion Schools where we took business classes so we were able to approach Bettys&Boys with a more professional and business mindset, through which we came to actually materialize it.

2) Have you two always been thrifters? Where are your favorite spots to pick up consignment, second-hand items?

Tiffany Nicole: No, I haven’t always been a thrifter. But in my college years, I was around a lot of people who were, and it was a huge money saver. I had gotten to the point – which I think all college students arrive at, at one point in their college career – where it’s either food or clothes. Thrifting allowed me to get both!

Danielle Elise: Ever since being a college student in NYC, thrifting has been the ultimate shopping move. You can find amazing pieces at the thrift stores in NYC especially. For four years we have been between Washington DC and NYC and thrifted in both areas. Me personally like the Salvation Army in NYC, Beacons Closet in Brooklyn and the Brooklyn Flea market. Back home in the DMV everyone is hip to the Value Village thrift stores, which are love for the most part, you can find some pretty great things there.

3) What are the advantages of shopping consignment? Any disadvantages?

Tiffany Nicole: Well, of course the advantages would be you get to find some really unique items that a million other girls/guys won’t already have in their closet. Exclusivity is a biggie – I think that’s why most people love thrifting.  Another obvious advantage would be the affordable price! The main disadvantage for me is the sizing.  If I find something I love and it’s not my size, usually that’s a bummer – but I usually end up getting it anyway and figuring out a way to wear it that works for me.

Danielle Elise: The advantage of shopping consignment is you can find beautiful, unique pieces that you will not find on anyone else. I know so many people that hate shopping in the typical retail stores knowing at any moment someone can walk in with your same exact outfit on. The disadvantages of shopping consignment is some of the amazing piece your find may not be your size or fit you the way you would like. That’s my main issue with shopping consignment, other than that I love it!

4) What do you see as some upcoming fashion trends for 2012?

Tiffany Nicole: We all know what goes around comes around, so whatever is ‘in’ for 2012 will be something we’ve seen in previous years.  Based off what I see online I’d say I’m seeing a lot of basic comfort pieces and reconstructed classic items – including wide leg pants, tuxedo blazers, leather, etc. The key colors are pastels according to a few fashion forecasting sites I’ve been browsing through.  However, a look that I have and always will love is the tailored woman. Suits, tailored pants, blazers, very masculine and clean-cut, structured pieces with a feminine touch.  I think its super sexy! & it never goes out of style, so hopefully its big in 2012.

Danielle Elise: Mmmmmm goood question! I personally see a lot of light, flowy fabrics. Chiffon is one of my faves that I have seen for the upcoming year. Also, a lot of  warm colors. Such as burnt oranges, nudes and pretty browns.  Also, I see a lot of bold color statement pieces. For example, a orange red belt put with a simple outfit or a bold lip pair with a chic but simple outfit or a bold color, oversized clutch that could be wore with almost anything. I love bold statement pieces

5) What’s a style trend that you hope never returns?

Tiffany Nicole: Haha, that’s a toughie! Honestly though …. Sagging jeans. I don’t hate it, but it bugs me – and let’s be real, it’ll always be around!

Danielle Elise: I’m honestly not one to wish a style trend didn’t come back. I feel as though so many styles have been recycled but at the same time has evolved and has changed with the times. I eventually find a mutual respect for all style trends that I have not been fond of and for the ones that I find amazing I just love and will always appreciate.

6) Your birthday is coming up (okay maybe not). What would you wear?

Tiffany Nicole: Nothing! lol I have like 2 sides to me – One that loves layers and structured clothing and then the more prominent one which is more of a ‘hippie’ who hates to be restricted by excess/heavy clothes – My friends joke & call me a nudist lol. My birthday I usually like to be outrageous.  The last birthday where I had a night out  – I wore a very sheer short black long sleeve dress (which is why I said ‘nothing’ lol).  Now I’d probably opt for a nude dress with my floor sweeping black blazer jacket– it floats in the wind as I walk lol.- Nude pumps and a pretty necklace: Something pretty and fun that will grab attention! All eyes should be on you!  As with most occasions the detail I put the most effort into is my makeup! lol

Danielle Elise: Lol its so funny you ask because my friends always ask me this and I’m always never sure until the day of. But my perfect birthday fit would be the chicest sexiest dress by Tom Ford (he’s my fave!) and I would have to pair it with a crazy loubou shoe with the perfect accessories.

To check out some of these ladies cute finds that you can buy, visit Bettys&Boys online. You can also stay connected with these fabulous ladies by twitter:  @Bettys_and_Boys. Get more of their fun personable sides via their blog.


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