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Educational communities are the perfect way to keep you motivated to study something new.

Needless to say that Reddit has long become the source of amazing communities where you can learn new stuff and in the long run even improve your studies. Scrolling through the internet can now become useful and productive in case you’re aware of what subreddits to use.

Educational communities are the perfect way to keep you motivated to study something new, to search for some particular topic and plunge into it to scrutinize all the subtleties. Most importantly, it’s a good way to boost your knowledge in various fields. So get comfortable and enjoy our list of top educational communities to join on Reddit.

1. r/AskReddit

Looking for a place to exercise your brain? This is a good place to start. People ask controversial or open questions and other members discuss their answers. From everyday trivia to serious history or culture-related issues. AskReddit is one of the most active Reddit communities. Got a question you always wanted to ask? Be sure to as Reddit about it!

2. r/DataIsBeautiful

In case you memorize everything better with pictures, here’s the community you need. Tons of factual info and figures presented with visuals like pictures and infographics. Science, environment, geography, art, statistics (even air percentage per bag of chips) – the range of data is truly varied. Most importantly, it’s easy to learn as it’s all visualized.

3. r/TooAfraidToAsk

Have you ever had some embarrassing or strange questions in mind that you were too scared to ask? Now you can pour them out in this community. Gender or racism issues, personal weird struggles or rules on appropriate social behavior – no one will judge you, but rather help you clarify the matter. This subreddit is a place to discuss controversial topics and learn something new about the world and society we live in.

4. r/LanguageLearning

If you’re trying to learn languages, you’re welcome to this community. Language related topics to make learning easier and more fun. What is more, there’s a load of engaging info and tips on studying languages. You can also find videos, and discuss troubling questions with other members.

5. r/Lectures

Do you love video lectures? This community will be right up your street then. You’ll find educational and engaging videos practically on any topic (like maths, science, history, culture, social studies, art, physics etc.). This subreddit gives you a great opportunity for self-study, absolutely for free!

6. r/OpenED

It’s like a mine of awesome educational info:  lectures, lessons, learning materials, textbooks and tons of other academic content. In addition to that, there you can find various motivational videos that will encourage you to study and guide your through the pitfalls of acquiring knowledge.

7. r/Stressays

Writing an essay can be stressful. Luckily, this subreddit can help you deal with that stress and take some time to relax. You can simply post your essay requirements here and find a writer to help you with it. Simple as that! r/Stressays is not the only essay help subreddit, check out a complete overview of Reddit essay writing services and essay help subreddits on

8. r/AskScience

Not surprisingly, it’s a community where you can leave a question related to science and receive an answer to it. Moreover, you can learn from reading the comments to the question that you find troubling as well. However, if you’re interested in some particular science/subject, you’d better search for subreddit dedicated to one subject only (like physics, maths, geography, etc.).

9. r/HomeworkHelp

One of the best communities for students. It has nothing to do with custom made assignments. On the contrary, this community helps its members to learn better, understand the material better and in the long run improve their grades. You can ask for assistance with a daunting task, and you’ll get advice on how to solve it. 

10. r/SuggestMeABook

Facing a dilemma choosing the next book to read. It’s no longer a problem, as you can ask this community to suggest a book. By posting a message with your preferences the members can help you find a book that will be your cup of tea.

Summing up, Reddit is truly an engaging site to use for education and studying. You can easily learn new things every day. Plus, it will be fun and entertaining. The only drawback is the danger of getting lost scrolling through all of the subreddits without truly focusing on something. For this reason, we truly advise you to choose communities smart and responsible. In addition to that, while learning something always focus on one thing at a time, so that you will remember what you’ve studied. Otherwise, your knowledge won’t stick for long, and it will turn out to be another junk info found online.

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Rhonda Martinez is an ESL teacher and blogger. She works with non-native speakers to help them learn to speak, read, understand, and write in English. Rhonda is passionate about finding new, effective approaches to teaching and tutoring.

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