The Best Honeymoon Destinations For Power Couples To Unwind

When planning for your wedding, choosing a honeymoon destination is part of the package. If you’re like 60% of American honeymooners, you’ll prefer to have your honeymoon in a foreign country. The good news is, there are plenty of honeymoon destinations across the world for your post-wedding getaway. And if you and your partner are a bonafide power couple, then you will definitely want to opt for a honeymoon that allows you to unplug for a bit and relax! One of the most popular ways of funding your dream vacation once married is certainly a honeymoon registry. Below are some of our favorite options for honeymoon destinations.

1. Alentejo in Portugal

Alentejo is a region in Portugal known for its grape-growing activities. It is home to a peaceful wine valley and the added surprise of picturesque beaches. Other sites to behold are the medieval castles and the Roman architectural ruins that dot the agricultural area. 

Plan to stay at the rustic Herdade da Malhadinha Novaor the rural Imani Country house for a more central location. Don’t miss to drive along the wine routes up and down the coast. Here, you’ll enjoy delicious fresh seafood, waves dotted with surfers and quaint B&B.

2. Orkney in Scotland

Scotland is not only beautiful but also a very romantic destination. It presents you with the opportunity to indulge in your entire Downtown Abbey daydreams. Visit the northern archipelago off the Scotland coast. 

The green-topped islands and sandstone cliffs are sceneries you don’t want to miss. Take a trip at the Neolithic Ring of Brodgar in the northeast of Stromness. The mystery of the arrangement of the stones that form a circular shape will leave you awed. 

You’ll also enjoy a supernatural sight as the weather moves in and overlaps the water at the shore. 

Book your stay at the Kirkwall Hotel that overlooks Kirwall’s historic harbor and is closely located to the shopping area. It’s a family-managed hotel situated in the story-perfect Victorian building.

3. Amsterdam in the Netherlands

Are you still unsure where to go for your honeymoon? offers expert advice on getaway options. One of their recommendations is Amsterdam. Amsterdam is a blissful capital city known for its rich artistic heritage and an elaborate system of bridges and canals. 

It’s also known for the liberal coffee shop culture. As you walk across the city, make stopovers at the open-air restaurants or cafes.

Here, you’ll enjoy intimate interactions with the friendly locals. For the best local delicacies, visit the waterfront Intercontinental Amstel Amsterdam. For the best accommodation facilities, book a room at The Hoxton, a hotel that provides the most alluringly designed rooms in the city. 

4. Perhentian Islands in Malaysia

These are coral-fringed islands located off the northeastern coast of Malaysia. The islands are a tropical paradise with crystal-clear waters and exceptionally fine sand. This, in itself, makes the destination a very relaxing honeymoon site.

While in the Perhentian Islands, ensure that you don’t miss the beach hop, tasty seafood, sea kayak, diving activities, and the Perhentian Besar. 

5. Miami

Miami is known for its white-sand beaches with a backdrop of gorgeous skyline and cultural flavors. If you want to keep things local and not spend a ton traveling abroad then this is a city where you can find some cozy time to relax. The larger part of Florida is also known for Salsa dances. Plan to attend the dances to grow your bond with your spouse. 

Don’t fail to make time for the bayside marketplace, Ocean Drive, Miami Zoo, Vizcaya Museum, and the Miami Beach. You can also grab some bikes and cycle around the Old Town that is a reflection of the 19th-Century architecture. As dusk approaches, head to the Mallory Square to witness the nightly sunset celebration.  

The street performers, lost in their art, make the evenings a sight to behold. 

6. Cayman Islands

Would you like to go on a honeymoon destination that isn’t overcrowded? Welcome to Little Cayman in the Cayman Islands. With a population of fewer than 200 people, it is basically an uninhabited beach. 

There’s a lot to explore while at Little Cayman Island. You can venture to the remote South Hole Sound lagoon through swimming. Alternatively, you can row your boat to the tiny deserted Owen Island where you’ll experience nature in the most pristine form. 

Whatever activity you choose to do, you stay on the Island will feel like the world is just for you and your spouse. Book your stay at one of the one-bedroom villas with its own ocean panorama.

Take Away

The best part of the wedding day is the post-wedding getaway. Although some couples don’t go for a honeymoon, a majority would not imagine a wedding without a honeymoon. Choosing a honeymoon destination can be as hard or as easy as you make it.

The hard part comes when you don’t know what qualifies as an excellent honeymoon destination. It gets easier when you know what you want to do and the memories you want to make. From far-flung exotic locales to budget-friendly options, there are hundreds of options for every type of honeymoon. 

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