These Are The Best Careers For People With A Physical Disability

Planning your future career can be difficult, but even more so if you are living with a physical disability. Luckily, though, there are several different career routes and paths that are able to cater for a bunch of different needs and enable you to reach your full potential regardless of your disability, or if you have to rely on a mobility scooter. With more than 10 million adults living with various physical disabilities in America alone, we decided to explore what the best careers are for individuals that have a physical disability.

Self-Employed Worker

Many physically disabled individuals find that becoming a self-employed worker is the best option for them. Becoming a self-employed worker presents numerous opportunities, including the opportunity to become a writer, accountant or even a teacher! Working at home, a self-employed worker will be responsible for operating their own business or, in some cases, may serve as a consultant on behalf of other businesses. It’s a valued option because sometimes the physically disabled can find it challenging to get to and from work, and thus by working in the comfort of their own home, they can easily and comfortably achieve what is required.


One of the best and the most popular careers for the physically disabled is accountancy. Responsible for preparing and examining financial records, including tax returns, accountants can be self-employed or can work for several clients on a contract basis. As a result, this job is incredibly appealing for the physically disabled because by choosing to be self-employed, they can manage their workload better and still make time for themselves.


The role of a salesperson is vast and can be found in retail settings and insurance offices to virtually anywhere a product or service are sold. One of the major attractions of the role of a salesperson is that you are able to work by phone in the comfort of your own home, in a polished showroom or an entirely new location each day. What’s better, income can also vary, and salespeople get the opportunity to earn bonuses as a reward for meeting sales goals.


Communicating with readers with the use of written words, the role of a writer appeals to those living with a physical disability for countless reasons. The best thing about being a writer is that you are able you use your existing expertise gained through past experiences and your personal interests. Moreover, a writer is able to branch out and choose to study a specific subject should they wish, offering flexibility that is difficult to find elsewhere, and can be self-employed for the ultimate convenience.

There are several great careers for the physically disabled that enable them to put all of their valued skills into practice and achieve their goals, as well as those of a business. From selling products or services, to writing until their heart is content, there are several roles that easily accommodate the needs of others without even realizing.

Check out this resource if you are interested in learning more information about living with a disability.

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