These Are The Best Aftermarket Parts And Accessories For Women Bikers

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Choosing the right aftermarket parts and accessories is a great way to customize your motorcycle and craft the perfect riding experience. Not every rider needs every single accessory available on the market. Know your priorities and learn about top aftermarket mods for motorcycles. This will give you the understanding you need to make your shopping list of Yamaha Road Star aftermarket parts and accessories.

Typically, the parts you will purchase for your bike serve at least one of three major purposes: safety, performance, and aesthetics. Of course, many parts with functional purposes can also come in styles that enhance the look you’re going for.


In addition to the standard headlight, additional lighting options can expand your own vision and make you more visible to other motorists. Driving lights and light bars are typically easy to attach.

Some riders also like to add flair by attaching LED light strips to various parts of their motorcycles. These lights serve a purely aesthetic purpose and are an easy way to add a unique touch.

Protective Gear

The right safety gear is a must for any rider. Essentials include a helmet, gloves, jacket, pants, and boots. The first thing to know about each of these categories is that your items must be designed for motorcycle riding. Regular jackets and pants do not provide protection from the windblast you encounter or from abrasions you may sustain in a crash.

It is also important to carefully select the right helmet. There are several types of motorcycle helmets available. Choose the right type for the riding you intend to do. For example, helmets intended for dirt riding may not provide optimal protection on the highway. Helmets also come in a variety of shapes; select one that best fits your head’s shape and size.

The typical lifespan of most helmets is about five years; after this time, adhesives and other materials can begin to degrade. Avoid using a helmet that has been through a crash even if there is no visible damage, as interior structures may have been weakened.


There are several reasons riders consider lowering a bike’s suspension. Some prefer the way it looks, while others believe a lower suspension can enhance performance. For shorter riders, adapting their bike to sit lower can be a necessity.

You can choose among a variety of aftermarket and OEM parts to help with this task. For example, Honda VTX1300 OEM parts include suspension modification items such as fork springs and lowering kits. Altering the suspension can be among the more challenging aftermarket mods for motorcycles, so be sure to research the topic well before starting this project.


Even if you are happy with the tires your bike came with, there will come a time when you will need to replace them. Additionally, you may also want to switch tires to improve your motorcycle’s performance or upgrade its look. Today, manufacturers offer a variety of tire styles suitable for any kind of motorcycle usage.

Adding aftermarket modifications can be a rewarding project that results in a better ride. Figuring out what you want from your motorcycle is a good start to selecting the parts to help you achieve that.

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