This Woman’s Digital Tribe Supports Plastic Surgery For Women Of Color

Samia Gore of Bella Barbies

Is it possible to change the narrative around plastic surgery in the black community.

According to the most recent Plastics Surgery Statistics Report, 1.6 million African-Americans opted for plastics surgery, a 17% increase from 2016. Although plastic surgery gains notoriety in the black community, there is still stigma associated with choosing enhancement procedures, particularly among black women.

And in an era of cyber bullying and judgmental side-eyes at the thought of black women partaking in Botox or butt-jobs, emerging lifestyle and fitness leader Samia Gore decided to create BODY by Bella Barbies to offer a community of support for women like herself.

BODY by Bella Barbies is an online community offering women a safe space for open and honest dialog who are, or may have considered plastic surgery. With nearly 150K strong on Instagram, her platform continues to grow due to its authentic discourse about the pros and cons for women to consider before and after having plastic surgery, cultivating positive body images and empowering women to embrace who they are.

Gore, says she created the space after she noticed a void in support for herself and women like her while on her own plastic surgery journey in 2014.  After having four children she notes, she was ready to be the best version of herself, and wasn’t ashamed of using plastic surgery to do so despite the naysayers.

“What I found was there is certainly a stigma in the African American community when it comes to discussing certain procedures. Although we are breaking barriers when it comes to building the BODY by Bella Barbies community, which is vocal about various procedures performed, certain procedures such as Rhinoplasty are still considered taboo among the African American community,” Gore said via Sheen.

Women who are constantly under fire for their choice to sculpt their bodies carry a peculiar weight of shame that Gore understands too well. She notes, “I have struggled with my weight for years,” her challenges with her body have always plagued her and while  many may disagree with her and women like her, shaming these women is not the answer.

While some may argue against the reasons for an increase in black women choosing plastic surgery, she believes every woman should feel empowered with whatever choice she makes about her body regardless of body types and/or societal norms. Endorsing this sentiment, her community has now transformed into a full blown body and weight management brand providing tools and tips for women, including her book  Plastica, Your Step-by-Step Plastic Surgery Guide and Body Complete RX.

Gore developed both programs after following her own intuition and paying close attention to the needs of her tribe. Plastica offers a step-by-step guide arming women with invaluable information to begin their plastic surgery journey and Body Complete RX, includes a supplements that naturally to curb the appetite and increase energy.

As her impact on the plastic surgey community continues to unfold, the momprenuer continues to be an advocate for anti-body shaming and self love.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. blackgirlslearnlanguages

    August 7, 2018 at 5:43 am

    I think this is definitely a much needed community. I personally don’t believe I will feel comfortable with the idea of going under the knife any time soon, but for those that do, they shouldn’t feel stigmatized. It’s especially hard for procedures that may come across as “self-hating” (i.e. rhinoplasty, dermatological procedures, etc.),

    Great article!


    Language Bae

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