Because You’re Worth It

You may not think so, but investing at a young age is actually a smart move. Why? Getting an early start at building your portfolio of wealth teaches you how to live within your means and spend wisely. If your goal is to become financially secure, then creative multiple streams of income, particularly passive ones, is key. Hear are financial recommendations to put into action in your life today:

Educate Yourself.  Now that you’ve got that paper, i.e. your degree, keep using your research skills to research opportunities to learn more about your finances.  Is it better to rent or buy?  Lease a car, pay a car note, or buy something that will get you where you need to go from Craig’s List? Whether it’s a seminar, series of workshops, or you secure a wealth strategist, get in the know about the value of your money.

moneySpend Wisely. By wisely I don’t mean shopping at Marshalls and TJ Maxx instead of Nordstrom and Barney’s.  What I mean is if you are bent on becoming an entrepreneur, you should spend your time and money participating in things that will allow you to learn more about entrepreneurship and to surround yourself with people who have already launched their businesses. Invest in attending the trade shows because your business is a part of you and you’re worth it.

Nail Your Nike. Nike is famous for it’s swoosh and “Just do it” tagline. What is it that you just do and do well?  Not what are you passionate about, not what is it you really really like, but what do you do seamlessly, almost without thinking? Take some time to discover these things because these are your strengths, and guess what, you’re worth knowing what your strengths are and how to best utilize them to get the best out of your life. Your strengths will help you find job and career opportunities that will allow you to be fulfilled; working in a place that allows you to be your best and pays you what you know you are worth.  Besides, when you aren’t working where you feel fulfilled, you end up spending your money to cope with the stress and misery.

Reach For the Future. It’s never too soon to start saving for when you get older, especially as a woman. Women live longer than men and still get paid less than men. I don’t care if you have to start by saving $10.00 a month — do it. If you’re working, inquire about your company’s retirement plan, especially since many companies will match what you save towards retirement.  If you are working part time and don’t have a retirement plan, do your research on independent finance companies that oversee retirement accounts for which you can open one and contribute money every month. You’re worth your future, so invest in it now.

Get a Lifestyle Lifesaver. Invest in finding a Lifestyle Lifesaver aka a mentor whose lifestyle is similar to the one you hope to lead. A mentor is the person in your life who not only sees the great that you are and the great you can become, but also that which is holding you back from your greatness (i.e. your spending habits, your fear and ignorance of money, your settling for a mediocre job that pays the bills but leaves you unfulfilled). Finding a mentor takes time. You have to be willing to work on identifying the lifestyle you hope for yourself in addition to identifying opportunities to encounter likeminded people. This may mean joining a professional organization and paying that annual membership and subscribing to their quarterly newsletter. You may have to be the one who buys the coffee, lunch, or happy hour drinks in order to find and connect with someone who you believe would be a great mentor. Furthermore, once you’ve found a mentor, you have to be willing to invest in the relationship and invest the opportunities they suggest you pursue.

How you invest in your life will determine just how amazing it is. Invest wisely because…you’re worth it.

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