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Mila J wearing hat

While she may be most popularly known for being the older sister of songstress Jhene Aiko, Mila J is making a name for herself with a voice that rivals her sibling’s.

Mila J, Cali native and R&B artist, has been warming up her vocals for a highly anticipated debut album entitles “M.I.L.A”. The album, which stands for “Made In Los Angeles”, has an august 2014 slated release date.

Mila-J-Smoke-Drink-Break-Up-Audio(1)Mila’s first single, “Smoke. Drink. Break-Up.” has already graced many of our Pandora stations and has acquired quite the Internet buzz. So while we tap our feet throughout the summer in giddy anticipation for the full album, we’ve rounded up a few reasons why Mila J should be on your radar for, well, forever.


1. She’s NOTHING like Jhene

Don’t get us wrong. We absolutely adore Ms. Aiko. But Mila has a sound all her own and she’s making everyone take notice. While the sisters may sing ballads of similar subject matter, Mila has a bit more edge and a lot more bass in her voice, making her the potential candidate for a resurrected R&B genre.


2. She keeps it real.

Miss J’s attitude is quintessentially Californian. She’s woman enough to get us in our feelings and make for the perfect girl’s night playlist, but she’s cool enough for your man to love her too.


3. She can move.

No one can (EVER) touch Baby Girl, but Mila J has some serious skill when it comes to dance that makes us think we may be watching an outtake of an Aaliyah video. Miss J is definitely making her own performance style evident with her extensive dance numbers in her newest video, and we like it.


4. She’s absolutely stunning.

One word: Cheekbones. With her cool sound, her effortless moves and her ridiculously flawless looks, we consider J a triple threat. She’s the perfect WCW candidate. Don’t believe us? Check out her Instagram. And again -–– Cheekbones.


5. She’s got something good.

Mila J is no stranger to the music industry. Her talent is partially credited to being raised in a musical family, but the vast majority of her awesomeness is all her own. Mila J’s vocal range and its rich texture are perfect for the classic 90s R&B we grew up on and miss ever-so-desperately.


“M.I.L.A.” is shaping up to look like a fall must-have. Whet your palate with a look at Mila’s debut single “Smoke. Drink. Break-Up.” below. You’re welcome. <3


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