Au Natural Makeup Picks for Women of Color

Au natural makeup; perfect for a women like me. A women like me is a woman who only wears makeup when it’s absolutely necessary.I always feel like any colors other than nudes and naturals make me look a little clownish. So if your like me or just want to put your best fresh face forward here are 5 beauty products every women of color should have.

au natural

1. Covergirl Queen collections natural hue compact foundation. This foundation has a silky feel; it absorbs oil and it matches skin tones ranging from rich sand to true ebony. I like this foundation because it’s sort of like a hybrid between powder and liquid; it’s smooth and silky like liquid but compact like a powder.

  1. b.l.a.c. Minerals blush. These blushes add just a hint of color; the powder comes in colors from glow to red clay.

3. Iman Cosmetics eyeshadow in Hot Chocolate.  I’m excited about this one  because the compact comes with two colors. One half a light milk chocolate and the other a darker chocolate. With just a pop of hint of color there will be no clown eyes here.

  1. I know we covered the eyes already but I would be amiss if I didn’t mention the natural womans tour de force  Black Radiances clear mascara and eyebrow tamer. Ladies, ladies, ladies this mascara is clear so there’s no black gooky stuff clinging to your lashes. Unless there’s something wrong with your eyes black gook is not natural. This mascara doubles as an eyebrow tamer which works because it’s clear! I told you I was excited.

  2. Now for the finishing touch the lips. Black Radiances Ice angel refreshing lip gloss: I love lip gloss because if  you buy the right kind it moisturizes the lips while adding color and shine. This lip gloss comes in colors that range from plum to coffee.

These 5 must haves are essential to any women of color who wants to let their natural shine without the naked feel of going without makeup.

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