Album Review: “Z” by SZA

We loved her at SXSW, and now with her recently released EP “Z” on repeat in our iTunes library, we love her even more.

SZA (pronounced si-zah) is the feminine side of Kendrick Lamar’s T.D.E. clique. The New Jersey-bred singer has a sound all her own. And quite frankly, there isn’t really any other sound out like her.

“Z”, SZA’s latest EP released on April 7, is a culmination of vibey neo-soul and underground alternative that transports you into SZA’s whimsical and brilliant mind. Obviously, this album is more than worthy of four stars. We selected a few of our favorite tracks from the EP that should be purchased on iTunes immediately. That is, you know, if you’re too stubborn to buy the whole album (shame on you).


Babylon ft. Kendrick Lamar

Possibly our favorite track on the EP, “Babylon” has an earthy and synthesized sound reminiscent of another world. SZA’s gripping vocals and Kendrick’s bars pair perfectly to produce a song worthy of you riding with your windows down, sunglasses on and your bass turned all the way up.



This upbeat, pop tune is ideal for a summer day well spent. The song is a relatable story of a relationship having some trouble in paradise that any and all girls can appreciate. The faster tempo accompanied by SZA’s melodic sound makes for a jam you can’t help but to dance to. Check out the song from SZA’s soundcloud below.

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Child’s Play ft. Chance the Rapper

Wavy doesn’t even begin to describe this song, but we’ll start there. This track sends you into a state of nostalgia that is narrated by Chance the Rapper’s cool delivery and SZA’s harmonic pipes. Childhood memories playfully sung on this track are sure to give you good vibes.

For more songs on”Z” or to purchase the album, click here.

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