How To Plan A Romantic Anniversary Date On a Budget

romantic anniversary date dinner

Wedding anniversaries and other romantic occasions can be very expensive. There are cards, flowers, bottles of wine, decorations and gifts. Then, you might want to spend money on a mini break or day out. You’ll buy nice meals, pay for transport and perhaps even buy new clothes for the occasion. It’s a big day, that’s worth spending money on.

But, we don’t all have that kind of cash to flash. In fact, most of us are living within a tight budget and find ourselves forced to put any extra expenses and luxuries on credit, which can lead to a lifetime of debt, as well as feelings of guilt and even depression. Your wedding anniversary is special, and certainly worth marking, but is it worth guilt and debt? Fortunately, it doesn’t have to come to that. Yes, your celebrations could easily stretch to a small fortune, but they don’t have to. Some of the most romantic ways to celebrate your love and your marriage, are probably the cheapest.

Find the Right Gift

You might feel under pressure to buy the most expensive Wedding anniversary gifts. If you’ve looked online or in a magazine for inspiration, you might have found yourself bombarded with expensive jewelry and such like. But, the perfect gift doesn’t need to be the most expensive one. Take your time to think of something that means something, and search for the ideal gift for your spouse.

Stay at Home

Going out usually costs money, but you don’t have to. Staying at home might not feel special if that’s what you do most evenings, so make this one different. Lay the table for dinner, cook a special three-course anniversary dinner and make an effort with what you wear and how you look. Treat it like a big date, even if you are at home, and it will feel like one.

Get Crafting

A tight budget is an excellent opportunity to get creative. Make each other cards and gifts. Write poems or play songs. Think about your talents and what you could create. If you’ve got kids, get them involved for something extra meaningful. If you are worried that you might craft something, and get an expensive present in return, make a “homemade only” rule this year, or set a gifting budget.

Get Offline

In today’s world, where most couples are guilty of spending their evenings sat next to each other on the sofa, scrolling through the social media apps on their phones, while their next binge-watch box set plays in the background, getting very little attention, actually talking to each other can be rather romantic.

Make your anniversary a digital detox. Turn your phones off, or unplug your router. Even better, leave them at home and go out for a walk. Give each other, your full, undivided attention for a few hours. Spend some time getting to know each other again.

Have a Breakfast Date

If you do want to go out for a meal, why not head out for breakfast, or even lunch, instead of dinner? It will be much cheaper, and quiet enough that you can hold a conversation.

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