5 Ways Medical Professionals Can Advance Their Careers

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Career growth is important and can help build a newfound passion in a different area. You learn about yourself as you spend time working a specific position and your growth into new things and out of old ones. Many people are often looking for fresh and new things. Those who are either tired of their jobs and are burnt out or the ones who simply want to move up the ladder should consider ways to advance their careers. 

It’s always good to be ambitious and have an open mind if you want to expand your career. The healthcare industry is one that has many possibilities and much room for growth and advancement. This is also great considering the fact that most careers are stagnant. If you are currently in a medical position and want to try something new or advance or you are looking for improvement in the work area of your life, there are ways you can go about growing in your career.

1. Expand Your Network

A good way to advance your career in the healthcare industry is to connect with the people who are like you or ones who are where you want to be. You want to surround yourself with like-minded people so you are constantly growing. You can find connections within your networking experience with professionals in every position. It is always good to have a focus on building relationships with the people you aspire to be like, no matter their position. It could also be someone who holds the trait you desire instead of the position.

Remember networking is all about connecting with the people around you. Find people to connect with through online websites like LinkedIn and through your old institution. You can utilize many methods of communication to find the people you want to network with. Use your personal social media accounts to help you search and create relationships as well. Here are some websites meant for networking purposes:

  • LinkedIn
  • NetworkWorld
  • AngelList
  • Beyond
  • Connect
  • Gust

2. Train

You must train to be able to excel. Training in the area you want to be in is crucial to you actually obtaining a position you desire. You want to improve your position by improving your knowledge and skills. Some careers require specific education and training so you must research the career you want and see what type of study is required. You want to have all of the credentials you need before applying to a new position. For example, apply for a physician assistant job when you want to learn the ropes of a physician office. This is an easy way to move up smoothly if you are already within the environment of your desired occupation. You are observing so it makes it easier to adjust.

Take advantage of the classes and training opportunities you will have on-site. You should always want to improve your abilities and taking on a new position will require you to do so.

3. Reflect and Re-evaluate

Reflect on your current position and evaluate how you feel about it. You want to understand what you are switching positions for. You want to understand the pros and cons of your current career and the one you are moving toward. Determine what will satisfy your desires and what your interests are. You want to advance to a career that works for you so you must assess all the possible changes that you will have to make.

You should think about the education that is required and if you are willing to give up more of your time to do get the certifications and degrees you need. You want to determine if you want to go back to medical school or if you want to weigh your options of careers. Reflect on your current situation to reveal your weaknesses so you know how to improve instead of when.

4. Set Goals and Intentions

You want to always set goals and future intentions in life. When it comes to a career it is especially important for you to set goals to achieve. If you are wanting to advance your career, you are going to have to set that goal first. Goals act as motivation toward what you want to accomplish. You want to remember to celebrate what you have accomplished as well. Try not to forget how far you’ve come and try not to oversell your skills and time by setting an unrealistic goal, but also don’t sell yourself short, either.

Your intentions for your future should also be an important part of your growth. Set intentions for the next phase of your career. Try to merge your personal life with your medical career goals to make them personal. You also want to evaluate what it is you want your new life and career to be. When you are setting intentions you are practically telling yourself what you are going to do and get done. Make sure to set these intentions and goals periodically to visualize your growth.

5. Choose a Mentor

Mentors are important when it comes to improvement, whether it be in life or at work. You want to choose a mentor, someone who can guide you and show you the ropes, to help you visualize yourself in a better position. A major tip when it comes to advancing your career. A mentor will help you go down the right path and will help advise you when you need it. It is someone you look up to in a way and someone who shares similar career values.

You can go about finding a mentor by assessing and observing the people around you and in your community. You could always choose a former teacher or colleague from medical school. There are many people out there who are willing to share wisdom and knowledge with you, but you have to be open and accepting of it.

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