9 Ways To Make Your Home Feel A Lot Safer

9 ways to make your home feel a lot safer

When it comes to home safety, you could never be complacent. Remember that your home is your castle. It is your final refuge against the dangers of the world. So it is imperative that you make it as safe as possible. You should know, that as the world gets more chaotic, the more chances there are of riots or cases of breaking and entering. There are also chances of forest fires, floods, and earthquakes occurring in your area. So it is important that you prepare your home for any eventuality. Here are 9 ways to make your home a lot safer. 

1. Install Quality Locks

When it comes to keeping your home safe, locks are your first line of defense. However, you should not be content with just any type of lock. Remember that not all locks are equal. There are locks that could be easily picked, while there are sturdy locks that could take a great deal of damage. When you choose your locks, you should take the price, type, and materials used into account.

2. Have Emergency Rations at the Ready

No matter what type of emergency should hit your home, it is important that you have emergency rations at the ready. Remember that there might be times where you and your family will need to stay indoors. It could be due to a natural calamity or a riot that results in mass looting. By having emergency rations, you and your family will be able to stay safe indoors, till the danger has passed.

3. Invest in Self-Defense Tools

Although you should never be aggressive to other people, there might be situations where you will have to defend yourself. Remember that we live in a dangerous world, and an unknown assailant could just burst into your home and try to rob you. So you should invest in self-defense tools. If you are trained to handle firearms, and you know how to store them properly then you should invest in them. However, if you don’t know the first thing about guns or gun safety, then you should opt for less-lethal alternatives such as stun guns, mace, or baseball bats.

4. Install Security Cameras

Although installing security cameras might seem extreme for some people, however, they are in fact very necessary. Remember that there is no way of knowing if a burglar is planning to get into your home. They might have staked out your house and planned to force their way in. By having security cameras outside your home, you will be able to keep tabs on potential intruders. Just make sure that you don’t make the security cameras too obvious because the intruders might spot them and try to destroy them.

5. Invest in a Generator

When it comes to an emergency, one of the most important pieces of equipment you could have is a generator. Remember that during disasters such as earthquakes or floods, there will be times where the power will get cut off. If this happens at nighttime, without any lights and the chaos of an earthquake or flood happening, then there is a chance that somebody is going to get hurt. So having a backup power source will provide you with enough power to keep the lights and other essential electronics on, until the power comes back on.

6. Install Emergency Lights

During emergencies, there might be times where the power gets turned off. So you will need to have a set of emergency lights that will help guide you and your family to safety. For example, the entire town’s lights get turned off due to an earthquake. So all the lights in your home are off, and there might be a chance your generator won’t be able to handle all the lights. This is where your emergency lights come in handy. 

Think of your emergency lights as your backup lights. They should have a lower wattage so that they don’t take too much electricity, however, they should also be capable of illuminating the house. A great option for your emergency lights is neon lights. They are easy to install and could be linked to the walls to act as a path leading to safety. Companies such as Gindestar offer various neon light designs that you could choose from. Their products are long-lasting, affordable, and made of sustainable materials.

7. Have a Set Protocol for Emergency Situations

When an emergency strikes, it is important that you and your family know what to do. The worst thing you could do during an emergency is panic. So aside from equipping your home with the right tools, you should also have a set of protocols that will keep you and your family safe. Make it a priority to have your family practice these protocols at least once a month. It might seem bothersome, however, the more you and your family practice, the more prepared you will be during an emergency.

8. Keep Fire Extinguishers at the Ready

One of the most dangerous and prevalent emergencies that your home could face is a fire.  They are dangerous because they are so difficult to extinguish. A pile of leaves could start a forest fire that could destroy acres of land.  As a whole, it is important that you have a fire extinguisher at the ready.

9. Invest in a Safe Room

If you have the budget, you should invest in a safe room. This is a room specially designed to provide protection during emergencies. The safe room could be used in the instance of a home invasion or it could also be used as a refuge during natural disasters. 


When it comes to keeping your home safe, it is imperative that you take the right precautions. Remember that the world could be quite dangerous, and if you are not prepared, you might get caught unawares. With these great tips, you’ll be able to safeguard your home in the best way possible.

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