9 Afro-Latina Bloggers That Are Bringing Diversity to the Hair Game

In the Latina community, it is rare to see women embrace their kinky hair textures or rizos. Even now when people say “Latin” hair, there is an indirect inclination of long straight or wavy hair. But thanks to these nine YouTubers, the image of Latin hair is changing — for the better. Whether you like to rock a huge curly afro or sport wavy tresses on your glam days, these Latin beauties have got you covered.

Actually Ashly | Dominican | 43,769+ subscribers

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If you’re looking for a technique to perfect your perm rods sets and twist outs, Ashly is your girl. Her channel has a variety of hairstyle tutorials and ways to extend those hairstyles until wash day.

SimplyBiancaAlexa | Puerto Rican | 58,970+ subscribers

Bianca Alexa’s channel is perfect for the naturalista on a budget. She covers maintenance for color-treated hair, wash and gos and simple up-dos.

SunKissAlba | Dominican | 775,276+ subscribers

Alba Ramos is a legend in the natural hair YouTube world. She’s been serving us major curl looks since 2010 and recently teamed up with Shea Moisture. Also, all of Alba’s videos come in an English and Spanish version.

Pelo Bueno | Colombian | 2,540+ subscribers

Cirle is a relatively new YouTuber (she posted her first video 5 months ago) but she has a bright future. She is based in Cartagena, Colombia so her channel focuses on helping naturalistas in South America. She gives tips on transitioning, reviews Spanish product brands, and gives advice on overcoming the criticism of being natural in a country that isn’t accustomed to afros. All of her videos are in Spanish.

Afro Chicas | Cuban and Puerto Rican | 13,200+ followers

Ada and Sade actually aren’t Youtubers but their Instagram is one of the pioneers in the Afro-Latina natural hair movement. They began their page with the tag “Curls & Culture” which encouraged and empowered fellow natural hair enthusiast to embrace their rizos. Ada and Sade have worked with multiple beauty brands including Miss Jessie’s.

RizasRizos | Mexican and Honduran | 66,798+ subscribers

Rocío Isabel is another bilingual YouTuber. She does a ton of product reviews and DIY treatments so check her out if you’re considering swapping out products. She has English and Spanish versions of her videos.

ImShineStruck | 47,564+ subscribers

Priscilla Flete is great for naturalistas who just started on their journey looking for short hairstyles. She provides a variety of hair tutorials from locs to twist outs on her channel and has more detailed tutorials on her blog, ImShineStruck.

Frizzy Desi | 33,850+ subscribers

As they say in Texas, “The the higher the hair, the closer you are to heaven” and that’s what Desi is all about- volume. Her channel is the place if you want to achieve ultimate curl definition while maintaining volume.

Afro Mío | Dominican | 17,666+ subscribers

Stephany Peguero on her channel informs subscribers of the “technical/science-y” side of being natural. Her videos focus on her favorite products of the month, weather to use sulfate and paraben products and color treatment. All of videos are in Spanish.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. micmasremix

    April 3, 2017 at 10:18 pm

    Everbody in the photos are beautiful with gorgeous hair! Very well written article and I love to see so many Latinas showcasing their rizos natural. Recently, launched a “todo pelo es pelo bueno” tshirt line by MicMas ReMiX for us to let the world know we love our hair and all hair is created with equal beauty!!!

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