7 Pink Lipsticks for Women of Color

Have you been dying to go bold with a pink lipstick but not sure which ones will look good on you? Don’t worry. There’s a shade for you!

Youtuber DestinyGodley showcases and rates the best pink lipstick shades for African-American women! Check it out!


Her recommendations:

  1. Loreal sea fleur/ Illumasqua under world nars hot wired

  2. 52 max factor

  3. Revlon Berry Haute/ cover girl divine

  4. revlon pink pop

  5. 905d wet n wild/ revlon pink pop/ revlon fiercly fushia

  6. milani fashion diva/milani lip flash in a flash

  7. reserved Loreal Hip/ loreal rich pink

Also, Youtuber KellsterMakeup shares some of her favorite brands of pink lipsticks that will look good on women of color.

KellsterMakeup’s recommendations:

  1. NYX Round Lipstick, “#634 Louisiana”

  2. Sally Hansen Moist & Matte Liquid Color, “#6770-60 Jafetta”

  3. Maybelline Colorsensational, “#115 Pink Quartz

  4. Flirt Cosmetics Chickstick, “#26 Danity”

  5. KleanColor Everlasting Lipstick, “#758 Grape”

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