7 Easy Tips To Help You Look And Feel Sexy During Quarantine

7 easy tips to make you look and feel sexy during quarantine

Quarantine has been rough on us all and we quickly realized that even though most of us are stuck in the house we still need to find ways to look and feel better. Easier said than done, who wants to put on a full face of make up to sit in the house and no one is wasting an outfit to walk from the bedroom to the living room so here’s seven things we can do to break the funk and improve the way look and feel during quarantine. 

1. Put on perfume

When we were out in the world we would complete our look with a few spritz of our favorite perfume. When you’re only adventure outside is to the market it feels like a waste but I started wearing my favorite Tom Ford perfume everyday, even during zoom calls, and I found that it really lifted my spirits and made me feel like I was actually going somewhere. 

2. Wear a bra

Listen, the bra was the first thing to go during quarantine, mainly because they’re so uncomfortable but have you ever tried the second skin wireless version? Game changing, and lifting the girls during the day will differentiate day from night so things don’t feel like one big blur. 

3. Get Your Hair Braided

The salons are closed but we all have that one friend we can call who can braid hair. Walking past the mirror and seeing your hair look a mess will put you in a bad mood. With braids you can have a cute style that will last and keep you looking and feeling cute.

4. Lip Gloss

Trust me it’s the little things and the feeling of a simple gloss on your lips will make you feel cute.

5. Eucalyptus Spray 

This is the best tip I have for feeling better during quarantine.  Spray eucalyptus in your hand, clasp hands over your mouth and nose and take a big inhale and exhale slowly, do this three times. This is an instant mood booster. 

6. Wear A Dress

Swap out your sweats for a cute comfy dress with sneakers.  You’ll be just as comfortable but wearing a dress will make you feel like you’re changing things up. 

7. Hoop Earrings

Wearing your favorite hoop earrings when lounging in the house is just what you need to feel cute.

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