7 Creative Ways to Reuse Old Pillows In Your Home

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Much like everything else, pillows get old with time. What do you do with them when you swap them with new ones? They can keep piling in your closets or storerooms but before you consider tossing them away with everything else you no longer have use for, hold up a minute! 

The internet has taught us that anything and everything can be repurposed. Old pillows are no exception. If you don’t know the proper way to dispose of old pillows, try upcycling your old pillows and put them to good use! We have compiled for you a list below of creative ways you can reuse your old pillows effectively.

1. Use Them for Effective Insulation

If you have spare old pillows lying around, you can easily use portions of them for stuffing that pesky little hole in the attic or loft that keeps the house drafty. You can also use the whole pillow to block gaps in walls or add insulation around your bathtub or hot water tank. It is cheap, effective and a fantastic way to make use of old pillows lying around. Try this with leaky pipes or even for soundproofing your room if your neighbor is a loud sleeper.

2. Make a DIY Pet Bed

Pet lovers spend hundreds of dollars on comfortable and adorable beds for their furry companions. Why toss away a fortune when you can DIY the perfect pet bed? 

If you have got old pillows lying around, why not give yourself a fun crafting project and make a terrific resting spot for your pet? Simply use pillow stuffing, or whole pillows and stitch them together using old sweatshirts as covering. Reuse old pillows and your old, unwanted sweatshirts. It is like hitting two birds with a stone! Pets are also likelier to rest on surfaces that smell like their owners, so your pet bed will be a definite success. 

3. Use Pillow Stuffing for Christmas or Halloween Decor

Did you know that old pillow stuffing makes excellent holiday décor? Whether it is a bit of fluff around your Christmas tree to look like crispy white snow, or dust bunnies and cobwebs for Halloween, you can put that stuffing to good use and dispose of it later. Sprinkle some around the Christmas tree or shape them in snowball baubles and hang them next to your Christmas stockings. 

Alternatively, you can paint the filling and use it on costumes or for an eerie Halloween décor, or for trick or treating even!

4. Make Comfy Travel Pillows

Do you and your family love long road trips? If so, then a great and creative way to use old pillows is by throwing them in your car for travel use. All you have to do is stitch a new cover or use a spare one for the stuffing. Make your road trips more comfortable by using old pillows as travel pillows! Want a quick nap? Your new travel buddy pillow has got you covered? Is your back feeling a bit achy? Maybe use your travel pillow to cushion your spine and feel a bit more relaxed. 

5. Use Them to Help You in the Moving Process

Moving is never easy, especially if you have got fragile items like expensive china and crockery with you. You cannot just chuck them all in a moving truck and keep your fingers crossed. 

A great way to transport fragile items is by using old pillows as cushioning. Keep old pillows by compressing them in vacuum storage bags. When you need to shift any delicate items, use your pillows to protect them from chipping or scratching. You can stuff them between bikes or pieces of furniture to protect against scuffing while in transit.

Additionally, you can also use the fluff from old pillows as packing material for smaller items including jewelry. Put some of the filling inside boxes with small, precious items to ensure cushioning that will keep them from breaking.

6. Make New Pillows

There is so much you can do with old pillows taking up space in your closets or stores. Why not make new pillows or throw cushions? 

Give yourself an exciting new DIY project and use old stuffing in new self-designed covers. Practice embroidery or painting, or even dyeing stylish new sofa cushions or pillows for your house without buying extra material for it. Upcycle the old pillows into new, decorative throw pillows for your house and enjoy the creative process!

7. Donate Your Old Pillows

If old pillows around the house are taking up extra space and you want to get rid of the clutter in a hurry, then we suggest donating them to the homeless or to shelters around the area. You never know, but someone may need them for their own upcycling or repurposing project. 

If you have got the time, you could even redecorate them and turn them brand new before donating them to someone in need. A good gesture goes a long way!

You can be as creative as you like when repurposing or disposing old pillows. Give yourself a brilliant new art project or gift them to someone in need; the possibilities are endless! 

You could even extend the lifespan of your pillows by using pillow protectors that prevent moisture from reaching it. Or invest in sustainable pillows that hold their shape for much longer than ordinary ones. Try experimenting and see which one of these ways works best for you!

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