Lessons My Mama Taught Me That I’m Forever Grateful For

This past Sunday I watched my social media feeds fill up with glorious photos of aged beauty alongside joyous youth. Friends and acquaintances posted photos of powerful women that had inspired them in life. From biological mothers to neighborhood aunties, life lessons learned from sagacious women were met with endless gratitude.

Mothers are supreme, no lie. There is something about being a women that is inherently empowering. They speak to the soul with a sort of class that is timeless.

I couldn’t help to reflect on all the unconditional love I received from my own mother throughout the years and it almost brought me to tears. My mother has been through some real stuff. She migrated to America alone, with no family or friends, raised children as a single parent for some time, and relentlessly did whatever she could to provide for us. In everything she did, she showed love and never gave up. Her life has always been an example for me when it comes to fueling my own determination and drive.

mother-and-daughterToday I share with you six lessons that I learned from my mother by example that I hope you’ll take to heart as you navigate through life.

1) It’s Okay to Cry Sometimes. As women we often think we have to be the baddest bitches and that by cracking in public we are showing signs of weakness. However, it is important to let our emotions go in order to balance our well-being. Flushing the body of pain and connecting with our emotions is an essential part of self-development. Don’t cry a river everyday — but when you need to let go, let it go.

2) Never Be Afraid to Go It Alone. Sometimes, especially the most future-thinking of us, we find ourselves captivated by the unforeseen and possibilities that life can offer. Sometimes we get hung up by our very own convictions and want to march forward boldly, making our visions become a reality. My mother packed her bags, jumped on a plane, and left all her family behind to achieve the American Dream. If you believe in something wholeheartedly, never be afraid to fight for your dreams, even if it means sometimes you are the only soldier standing.

3) Love Relentlessly. In order for us to be here, our mothers had to have fallen in love right? With all the stories about terrible men, young women have become resistant towards dating adventurously and often box up their feelings when meeting new people. In order to live a fruitful life, you must be willing to love wholeheartedly and relentlessly. Don’t be afraid to get vulnerable in front of the people that you care about most. It makes you real and keeps you grounded on the path that will lead you to your soulmate.

4)  Throw it Down in the Kitchen. So it’s not 1955 and domestication is no longer a woman’s glory. However, being able to cook up some yummy goodness can be both therapeutic and empowering for women. The ability to convey emotion through food is an art and one that can be fun to achieve. Treat your body well and eat good. Treat your loved ones well and cook great.

5) Accept Your Trials and Tribulations. Life is never easy and nothing can ever be achieved alone. You’re going to have good times as much as you are going to have rough times. You are going to have extremely accepting disappointments. You’re going to have your heart broken. You’re going to lose a job or opportunity. But just as a mother cares fo her child day in and day out despite all of their mistakes in life, so should you care for yourself. Love yourself despite your pifalls. That passion and self-determination will give you the super boost you need to rise towards your victories.

6) Never, Ever Give Up. Think about how many days you have been living on this earth. You can’t even count them right? That’s how many days and round-the-clock hours your mother has spent loving you. She’s never given up on you, even when you’ve wanted to give up on yourself. She’s reared you from a tiny nougat to the grown beautiful woman you are today. When you are starting to doubt yourself and who you can become, just think back to how much love your mother has shown you your whole life:  how many times she clothed and fed you. How many times she’s imparted advice about dating bad boys and pulling up your grades because she cared. And remember why she will never give up on you. Impart that unconditional love on yourself. Never give up on your dreams. Your mother just wouldn’t have it that way.

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