5 Type of Men That Aren’t Worth Your Time

Women have all had their fair share of bad dates and relationships. With “cuffing season” inching closer by the day, you may want to be on the lookout for these five types of men who feel the need to grace you with their presence specifically during these cold winter months.

Guy No. 1: Thirsty McThirsty

This is the guy who is pressed to get a woman. The one who blows up your phone with calls, texts, and voice mails, often seeming like the female in the relationship. This guy wants to spend every waking moment with you … and don’t mistake it for love … he’s just downright thirsty. Be prepared for the corny pickup lines, awkward conversations, and morning text messages the day after you meet, professing that “I just want to be the first person you think about when you wake up.” Negro please!

Guy No. 2: The Name-Dropper

Have you ever dated a guy who felt the need to drop “celebrity names” in a conversation to make himself appear more important? Well, this is that guy. The name-dropper just won’t let go of the  times when he “partied in VIP with Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne” or just had a meeting with “Jay-Z’s people” about a record deal. Negro, please!

Guy No. 3: The ‘Baller’

We seem to live in the land of the “ballers.” You know, the man who throws his money in your face just to get your attention. The one who pitches pathetic lines like “if you’re good this year, I might drop a little something extra in your Christmas stocking.” (Yes, that was a real line). This guy doesn’t really have anything to offer except what he thinks women want. Negro, please!

Guy No. 4: Mr. Too Cool for School

I’m sure we all know this guy. The one who never has work to get a woman’s attention and thinks he’s God gift on earth. Don’t expect him to pursue  you, because between all the other women he’s juggling in his BlackBerry, you will clearly be another digit added to the list. His nonchalant attitude will have you saying, “Negro, please!”

Guy No. 5: The Godfather

This guy is a classic. He’s twice your age if not more and likes himself a nice, pretty, young thang on his arm. He wants to date and take care of you, but he “schools you on life” every chance he gets. It’s hard to decide whether he’s trying to be your man or your daddy. Negro, please!

[Source:, by Mckenzie Harris]

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