5 Tips for Buying the Perfect Gift For A Friend


 The perfect gift resonates with the recipient’s personality and style. It’s always hard to reject a well-thought or planned surprise gift.

However, the process of locating a suitable gift for your friends, loved ones, or colleague is not an easy one. With a lot to consider, it may all turn out to be confusing.

Use these tips to search, locate, and buy the perfect gift for any occasion.

Go for Brand

Whether you have a close relationship with the recipient or not, you can never go wrong with established brands’ products or services. In fact, when purchasing any item, branding takes precedence over other underlying issues.

Products from re-known brands are:

  • Stylish
  • Durable
  • Easily recognizable

Do Some Detective Work

If you lack prior experience with the intended target, it is always ideal to do a background check to know their tastes and preferences. In a way that doesn’t suggest stalking, start taking note of simple things like their color choices, style, or look, and use this information to find a suitable gift.

You can also try to get in contact with some of their close friends who may suggest the most appropriate gift.

When already acquainted, do a subtle search of their closets, social media, or amazon wish list to get an idea of what they desire most. If, for example, you find out that their last search was at Rolex Daytona watch, you can go ahead and get them a watch as a birthday gift.

Make it Emotional

Although you may go wrong by choosing any other path, you can never blunder when you involve feelings. Gifts with a particular emotional attachment tend to have more impact and linger in the recipient’s minds longer.

If, for example, your best friend chooses to give you a framed picture of your first day in college as a graduation gift, it will have better significance even years to come.

Always consider the emotional impact of a gift on the recipient, especially if it is a surprise.

Never Falter on Food

Like with everyone else, you also probably have someone in your life that is hard to impress. Such an individual can often discourage you from ever buying them a gift again.

By treating them to good food, however, you can never go wrong. The best way to anyone’s heart is through their stomach, and as such, you must make the effort of researching their preferred meals or delicacies and use that as a gift.

Shop Vintage

While it’s easy to get lost in all the product clutter, always strive to go for vintage products. There’s a spark of inspiration and interest that comes with buying old school products such as furniture, clothes, and even comic books as a gift for your friends and or family.


Although gift buying is a seasonal affair, it should be a more prevalent act. Buying random things for your friends, family, or loved ones is a gesture of caring.

Get the perfect gift every time by prioritizing the brand, doing background research, making it emotional, going for food, and shopping vintage. 

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