5 Steps to Mending a Broken Heart

Heart break isn’t easy for anyone, and it can often leave you feeling as though your world has come to an end, causing you to wonder how you’re going to continue living without that special someone. It can also make you want to crawl into a whole and never come out because a life without them just isn’t living. But as we all know, life must go on. And for you to continuing living the best life possible, you must first heal and move on from that pain. We all in heal at our own pace, but here are a few helpful tips on how to mend a broken heart:

  1. Acceptance:  Accept that the relationship has run its course and don’t live in denial. The sooner you accept that it’s over, the sooner you can stop living in the past. I know this may sound a bit harsh, but the moment that you let go, it is the moment the healing process begins.
  2. Revaluate and regroup:  It’s often hard to admit the role we may have played in the demise of our relationships, but no one is perfect, and nine times out of ten, the blame is often shared on why the relationship didn’t go as planned.  So, once you get your bearings, take some time to evaluate what went wrong, so you won’t make those same mistakes again.
  3. Forgive:  Forgiveness is essential to being able to move on. You must forgive your partner for any wrong doing, as well as yourself. Everyone has been hurt at some point and time in their lives, but when we choice to hold on to things, it only continues to hurt us more than we know. And if we don’t forgive ourselves, how can we ever truly move on?
  4. Reach out:  When you’re done mourning the loss of your relationship and ready to rejoin the world of the living, make sure you surround yourself with family and friends who care about you. Their support will help you feel alive and like your normal self again.
  5. Have both faith and patience:  Have faith that you’ll find love again If love found you once before, it will find you again. And while you’re waiting for that special someone, be patient, because true love is always worth the wait.

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