5 Serious Signs You Need To Get A Personal Injury Lawyer

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Maybe you’ve been in a car accident, or you’ve gotten hurt at work, you’ve tripped in a city center or the neighbor’s dog bit you. Accidents indeed happen, but just because they’re a part of everyday life, it doesn’t mean you should have to pay the consequences – especially if you weren’t to blame! 

Getting caught up in an accident can turn your life upside down, and while many of us simply try to get on with our lives, for others it’s just not that simple. If you, your family or your finances are suffering because of the negligence of someone else, then you may need to speak to a personal injury lawyer. You can find a personal injury lawyer here, just click the link. 

Here we’ll examine the signs that you should speak to a personal injury lawyer after your accident.

You’ve been left disabled

If your mobility or cognitive abilities have been left irreversibly damaged after your accident, then you should reach out to a P.I lawyer as soon as possible. From spinal injuries to losing your vision, hearing or experiencing a severe head injury. If you’ve been left disabled then you can potentially be compensated for your injuries, loss of earnings and even loss of enjoyment, stress and other afflictions on your mental health.

You can’t earn a living

The more time you have off work, the less money you have to provide for your family. This situation can place a huge financial strain on all areas of your life. Seeking damages for a loss of earnings makes perfect sense. Additionally, if you’re expected to take further leave from work due to hospital appointments, pain and rehabilitation then this could also be compensated for. 

You’re unsure who is at fault

Is the other party trying to blame you for the accident? Having this accusation thrown at you – especially when you’re injured – is distressing, to say the least. You’re going to need to prove liability, which means evidence, potential reconstructions, statements and police reports. This is when you need a personal injury lawyer on your side.

Your bills are mounting up

Maybe your insurance doesn’t cover the type of treatment you need, or you just can’t afford your mounting medical expenses. Why should you have to pay for outrageous medical bills for injuries you’ve sustained because of someone else? Fighting for compensation means that you’re more likely to have your bills covered, and you can concentrate on getting back to full health.

Your injuries are severe!

Bruises, cuts and scrapes are likely after any kind of accident. However, serious injuries like broken bones, head wounds, whiplash or any kind of injury that prevents you from completing daily tasks and enjoying your life, should be brought to the attention of a personal injury lawyer. 

Final thoughts…

If you have been in an accident at work, in your car, or in a public place and you weren’t at fault, reach out to a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible to discuss your case. 

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