5 Reasons You Should Rock Inspirational Jewelry With Your Next Outfit

Every Bauce woman knows the right accessories can take your outfit from average to incredible. So what could be better than a line of accessories that are not just stylish, but also inspirational? Whitney Howard Designs creates jewelry that will take your look to the next level and serve as a personal reminder of what’s important to you. I tried on all the best and I’m back to give you the top five reasons why you need to add WHD to your wardrobe ASAP.

1) Rather than telling people about your Bauce personality, you can simply show them with a statement piece. Whitney Howard Designs’ stylish “quotable cuffs” have meaningful phrases to let you show the world what inspires you. And you can choose from a huge variety of designs.

2) Break the norm. Create your own accessory statement with unique jewelry items like keys (check out these Journey Keys, I’m obsessed!), wax seals, and Toggles that can be worn as bracelets, anklets or hair accessories. Or go even further and create a design for your own non-profit, event, or business. How cool is that?

3) Look good and make a difference. What’s better than stylish accessories? Stylish accessories with a purpose. Whitney Howard Designs is all about giving – that’s the foundation of their company. Charities they have designed for are listed on the website, but that’s not the only way WHD gives back. All of their materials are recycled and sustainable.

4) Bauce women support each other – and what’s more Bauce than chasing your passion, traveling the world, and creating a line of accessories sold across the globe? All on top of raising a family with her husband Howard (he’s the “H” in WHD). As if Whitney’s story wasn’t inspirational enough, her jewelry is created to inspire us on a daily basis.


5) Connection. One of the foundational principles of WHD is to create something lasting and meaningful. They offer designs to make you feel loved, uplifted, focused, and inspired. That’s something I can get behind. Or stay connected to someone you care about by gifting them WHD as a lasting reminder of what they mean to you — way better than a Hallmark card.

To see all of Whitney Howard Designs’ collections, check out their website at

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1 Comment

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