5 Quick Beach Hair-Dos

By Evette Dionne and Camilla Williams

It’s mid-March, but thermometers across the U.S are not reflecting winter temperatures. This leads to one conclusion: beach weather is on the horizon! As students flock to Miami, Cancun, and other exotic tropical locations for a week of romping spring break fun, the last thing women should be worried about is their tresses.You’re probably hitting the gym hard to fit into your slightly revealing and unforgiving bathing suit, and can already imagine the sand between your toes. Well, your beach ready outfit isn’t complete without a sexy, yet low maintenance hairstyle.

Liberette understands, so we’ve gathered five quick and chic hair-dos for the beach! Hit the waves, build sandcastles, and turn heads. These styles that will keep you looking fly and fuss-free, regardless of your hair texture or length:

The Messy Ponytail

On the red carpet, ponytails should be sleek and controlled. But in Miami, the messier the cuter! Whether the ponytail is high, low, or pulled to the side, this quick look is perfect for the beach. It’s no fuss, simple, and allows your sexy bathing suit to shine.

The Curly Mop

We weren’t all blessed with perfect Shirley Temple ringlets, but that’s the purpose of sculpting mousse and a diffuser! Use a curl definer (I recommend Kinky Kurly for natural hair) when your hair is wet and then add a dab of mousse to secure the curls. Use cute hair accessories for added fabulousness!

The Braids Craze

One of the easiest hair details for the beach is braids. Braids and twists can be added to a wavy bob, bun, or messy ponytail as a unique twist. You don’t have to channel Bo Derek’s classic ‘do to maximize the sexiness of this look; but that is an option. For those who want to style braids instead of curling or using products on their own hair, human hair extensions are great for the beach! You can curl or roll them and if the hair is wet and wavy, a dip in the ocean will intensify the curl pattern

The Flowing Waves

Soft waves are a fashion staple. After all, this sophisticated style has graced the heads of our favorite fashionable celebs e.g. Beyonce, Jennifer Hudson, Jessica Simpson, and even Oprah for seasons. Grab a waterproof styling product, a large-barreled curling iron, and a wide-toothed comb and achieve this quick, flirty style. It is as cute wet as it is dry!

The Glamorous Chignon

Oh, how I love the classic chignon. It is sleek, glamorous, and can be paired with any swimsuit. Though the chignon is higher than a bun or a ponytail, it can be as messy or polished as you please. To achieve a “carefree” look, remove a few random pieces from the chignon and curl them loosely. You’ll bring glamour to the beach with this hair choice.

The Front Braid

Need a style that’s going to keep the hair out of your face but still look cute? Go for a simple bun with a front braid for a more eccentric look. The braid keeps the front of your hair nice and tidy without having to do any complex formations with your strands. Take a look!

Chic Wrap

Don’t have time to do your hair or just want to keep them up and protected? Throw in a cute wrap!

Or go for the turban look!

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