5 New Careers To Consider When Your Current One Is Boring You To Death

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Have you been thinking of pursuing a new career? Or, perhaps you’re just beginning your journey and are thinking about what career path to take? When you’ve never particularly taken interest in a particular subject, how do you choose the right career for you? Of course, money is one of the main reasons that people work in the industries that they choose, but finding a lifelong career boils down to much more than what you’re taking home at the end of each month. Other components like working hours, abilities, and even how it will affect your personal life come into play. Have you ever considered taking a career that will not only tick all of the above boxes but will prove useful in your home life too? Take a look at these careers that can do exactly that!

The catering industry

One industry that’s never going to go out of fashion is the catering industry. A simple fact is people need food to survive, and they will always seek out food, whether it’s from the supermarket, a local cafe, or even at their favourite restaurant. Here are some examples of careers to consider in the catering industry:

  • Owning your own store that sells the basics of everyday life like bread, milk, water, vegetables, and even dry food that will last longer in the cupboards. The great thing about this option is that you don’t necessarily need a degree to open up your own store!

  • Training as a chef so that you can land yourself a job in a well-paid restaurant. There are so many options these days too. From going to college to earn your knowledge to starting from a pot washer and working your way up to the chef.

  • Supplying products to stores and restaurants is another great avenue to explore, especially if you come from a farming background.

  • Starting up your own business selling specialized items like cupcakes or personalized birthday cakes is always a business that people are going to be interested in.

Being able to supply, cook, or even provide for your family with the careers from the catering industry provide skills that you can use at home. Whether it’s by being able to cook gourmet dishes, or even making your own child’s birthday cake, the skills won’t go amiss!

DIY and home improvements

Another industry that people are always going to want around are handymen and women. While some DIY is meant for exactly that, there are always going to be aspects around the home that need a professional to come in. Plumbing, for example, is an area that many people won’t attempt because of the dangers involved and also lack of knowledge. Why not consider training to become a plumber so that you’re able to land yourself a secure job, and also use the skills within your own home when needed? According to AbsoluteDP, an emergency plumbing company in Toronto, plumbers can make up to $75,000 per year based on skill level and even more if you have your own plumbing company.

Alternatively, you could take an electrical engineering degree and use those skills both at work and at home too. Electrics are another great example of home improvements that people won’t touch because of lack of knowledge! Plus, everybody needs a sparky from time to time! For more information about High Paying Electrical Engineering Jobs check out this great article from


A sad part of life is that people get sick. Whether it be the common cold, or a more life-threatening illness, people will always need the medical industry to make themselves feel better. It’s not just illness that people turn to medical professionals for either. Some people might want to modify their bodies in the sense of a tummy tuck, or liposuction. Take a look at these unique and totally different roles to consider within the medical industry:

  • Becoming a general practitioner will allow you to diagnose your patients one to one and give them a prescription if needed to feel better. You’ll likely work in a GP surgery or a hospital and see multiple patients daily.

  • A medical administrator takes care of any practitioners needs, alongside helping patients with appointments, chasing medication, and also the safe filing and storing of patient’s medical records.

  • A surgeon takes on the role of removing or replacing damaged body parts. Whether it’s dealing with a broken bone or performing a triple heart bypass, it’s sure to be an exciting and noble role to perform.

  • Taking the role of a dermatologist would mean helping people diagnose and treat skin conditions that cause pain both internally and externally. This is more of a specialized role but can be very rewarding in both pride and salary.

As you can see, all of these roles in the medical industry are very different, but all provide you with the knowledge that you could use in everyday life. Imagine being able to recognize a condition early enough to save someone’s life?


Thankfully the world is beginning to realize the severity of the obesity epidemic, which means that more and more people every day are beginning their journey to becoming fitter and healthier within themselves. The fitness industry is full of a plethora of different roles that you could undertake that won’t just land you with a fantastic job, but keep you fit and healthy too! Check it out:

  • Becoming a personal trainer would mean working out every day and helping people achieve their goals at their own pace. Being a part of someone’s journey is both empowering and special.

  • A nutritionist looks into why certain foods react differently in our bodies. Many people with conditions that are affected by what they eat turn to a nutritionist for help. Imagine being able to help relieve someone’s pain by looking into their diet for them and creating a diet plan? Sounds great right?

  • Opening up your own store or restaurant that only serves healthy foods is another route to take that will have you interacting with lots of different people and also keep you motivated to stay fit too!

  • Designing gym gear and selling it will have your customers looking trendy while they work out, as well as using your gym gear to accelerate their work out by making them sweat more!


Finally, accounting is another career that will not only bring you a great pay packet, but also a skill to use in your personal life: handling money. As much as people hate to admit it, if you want the luxuries in your life, then money does make the world go around, and being able to handle money is a skill that not many possess in this day and age. The world is stricken with debt, and many people face homelessness each day because they’re unable to dig their way out of their debt problems. Imagine being able to help someone with their money worries and prevent them from losing everything that they have? Or, imagine being an accountant for a company and being able to tell them that their profits are booming? Either way, money is always going to be a powerful business in the world, so why not train up in accounting to land yourself a great career? If you’re questioning the opportunities that exist in this career field, consider searching for the certified internal auditor average salary online to see what is possible!

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