6 Career Coaches Share How You Can Win At Work As A Black Woman

As we all know, last year was one of the most unpredictable years to date. The world was dealing with a worldwide pandemic; businesses were closing, jobs were laying off workers, most jobs, schools, or other activities were either transferred to remote/virtual or canceled.

There were so many changes put in place that no one knew which way to turn. Besides starting to wear masks to protect yourself and others, many other changes set as the new normal.

One of those significant and critical changes that have been put into effect is working from home or remote working. The work environment has changed drastically, and trying to adjust to these new work changes isn’t as easy as everyone thought it would be. Trying to become acclimated with these new changes can be challenging, and last year, many were getting used to working remotely.

Suppose you’re one of the many people worldwide who feel as though they are struggling with their work-life and want to know how they can succeed. As well as have a different outlook, experience, and knowledge regarding how you can win at work this new year, here’s some advice from successful career coaches that you should note in that notebook of yours.

What’s a piece of advice that someone gave you that has stuck with you about propelling in the workplace?

Candyss Weaver Career Coach.png

Candyss Weaver| Career Coach

“It’s not what you know or even who you know, but who knows you.” It taught me a valuable lesson regarding networking strategically.”

How can someone propel in their workplace this year and what do you believe is the key to excelling in your workplace?

Dorianne St Fleur DEI & HR Strategist | Career & Leadership Coach.png

Dorianne St Fleur DEI & HR Strategist | Career & Leadership Coach

 This year (and last year) have been unprecedented for sure. But the truth is, there are hundreds of thousands of Black women who have thrived during this time. In order to tap into that and propel in the workplace this year, you have to ignore all of the noise and distraction circulating about what you can’t do and what you can’t have and go for it. Create your goals for this year. Create your action plan to achieve those goals and then go after them.”

“The key to excelling in the workplace is believing that you have the ability to do so. It sounds simple, but there are many Black women and women of color walking around with a kind of internalized inferiority complex that is literally keeping them from excelling to their next level. Due to the challenges that we face, past experiences, etc. they’ve started to believe that they don’t really belong in the rooms they’re in and don’t deserve a seat at the table. So, they don’t push themselves or try to break the ceiling. Once you’ve committed to silencing that inner critic that tells you that you’re not good enough, you can then create an action plan that will help you get to your next level.”

What are some big no’s? Maybe things that a person could believe that is excelling them in their workplace this year, but it actually doesn’t help at all.

Latesha Byrd Career & Talent Development Consultant.png

Latesha Byrd Career & Talent Development Consultant

“Overworking is a huge one! Be careful with the amount of things you say yes to and set boundaries for yourself at others. Burnout is real! And if you are tired and burnt out, that can impact your performance negativelyLeaving your future in the hands of someone else (aka your employer). Waiting for them to tell you when you deserve a promotion, a raise, a stretch project or more visibility. It’s important to be clear about your goals and needs to excel professionally. Not self-advocating, negotiating, setting a standard when we know we deserve better.”

How do you define success in the workplace?

Tega Edwin PhD, LPC Career Counselor and Coach.png

Tega Edwin PhD, LPC Career Counselor and Coach

“Success in the workplace is very subjective. And each person will need to get clear on what success in life in general means for them so they can identify it at work. Ultimately, success is reaching the important goals you’ve set for yourself and being able to live the life you want – not one that’s been prescribed to you by society or someone else.”

What are on YOUR top lists of ways to excel in the workplace?

Jasmine Gardner| Career Coach .jpg Jasmine Gardner| Career Coach

“Consistently applying these little mantras in every job that I have held has always propelled me to the next level in the workplace.”

“Treat every task and every request with a heightened sense of urgency, Work smarter, not harder, Listen and apply, and lastly Under promise and over deliver.”

What do you believe is the biggest (takeaway, key, lesson) when it comes to wanting to propel in the workplace?

Nayomi Matthews.png

Nayómi Matthews | BIPOC Career Coach

 “Know your worth and know how your company views your worth. Self-reflection is key in so many areas of our life and especially the workplace. Be HONEST with yourself, does your company value your contributions. If they don’t find that little piece of ambition that you placed on the sideline and activate it so you can find a company that sees you for your worth.”

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Candyss Weaver Career Coach:



Dorianne St Fleur DEI & HR Strategist | Career & Leadership Coach:



Instagram: @yourcareergirl

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Latesha Byrd Career & Talent Development Consultant:



Tega Edwin PhD, LPC Career Counselor and Coach:



Jasmine Gardner Owner of CcJazzG – Millennial Career Coaching





Nayómi Matthews | BIPOC Career Coach – Manager of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Peloton Interactive


Instagram: @coachnayomi




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