5 Beauty Products That Are So YesterYear

Still rummaging through 101 products in your beauty bag? As seasons change, so do beauty trends and you should work to keep your essential makeup items light. After racking our brains, we’ve curated a list of a five items which we believe you should say bye to as we enter into a new year. It’s makeover your makeup bag time!


Products to Dump or Bumb


Lip Exfoliator. Removing dry and dead skin from your lips is definitely a healthy beauty practice, however we believe there is no need to waist your money on store products when you can easily do this at home with a few simple products. In fact, all you need is a toothbrush and some petroleum jelly to give your lips the smooth feeling you desire.

Cellulite Creams. No lotion or cream or foam or pill will get rid of cellulite. Sunscreen helps prevent the UV-induced collagen loss that makes skin become slack and look more dimpled, though, so always wear it when you’re baring your legs. Stop wasting your hard-earned cash on creams that provide no value or progress.

Full Coverage Foundation. Wearing makeup is a plus but all over your body? Negative. Instead of looking for a false, airbrushed appearance (and waisting a gazillion hours in your bathroom mirror), only cover blemishes on your body that need to be covered, such as a scar or bruise. The worst thing about full coverage foundation is having to deal with it wiping or melting off in the summertime. Eww.

BB Cream or Tint Moisturizer. These items became popular after the trend spread like crazy in Korea. They were originally used to sooth and rejuvenate the skin after laser surgery and there are differences between the two. However, because they are limited in shades and really don’t do much, they simply seem like a waste of money since most women pile on foundation on top of it anyways. Save your bucks and give this item a dump.

False Eyelashes. Instead of slathering glue all over your eyelashes every weekend work on growing out long and healthy ones instead. Swap out those falsies for lash-extending mascaras or colored eyelash products instead. Not only will you waste less time trying to fight with your tweezers to get them on, but you will also not have to worry about reapplying them when you sweat them off in the club. No, girlfriend, having spider legs on one-eye is not cute.

And of course anything that has dried out, has no cap or cover, and you don’t use should be chucked into the garbage.

Here’s five beauty products you should swap in for the New Year:

  • Boire Pore Strips
  • Matte Nail Polish
  • An Exfoliating Scrub
  •  Deep Cleaning Face Masks
  •  Signature Perfume

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1 Comment

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