4 Recommendations You Would Give To An Aspiring Artist

Whether it is you or a friend that is looking to make their way in the music industry, here are just a few recommendations that you can either give to yourself or an acquaintance. Hopefully, these four tips will set the aspiring artist up to have a fantastic music career. 

1)  Surround Yourself With The Right Team

As with any career, you need to surround yourself with the right people. This is more of a life lesson rather than anything else. Whether you want to make it as a pro sportsman, an actor, or a musician, make sure you have a good entourage. You can have all the talent and ability in the world but if you’ve got people providing with you dangerous advice, it can all go wrong. 

For any music producer or artist, you are likely to need a team. You will work together on releasing albums, releasing an EP, and also sourcing the right equipment. This should be a group decision to ensure you get it right. The artiststhemselves might make the choice but it would be good to have a second opinion. As an aspiring artist, your ability may lie solely in making the tracks and music. You could have an agent or a close confidant on your team who can be a strategist and promote you. 

After all, you may have all of the talent in the world, but if you release your music at the wrong time, no one will hear it. Having a SoundCloud platform and social media account may not be enough, so you could need someone to help save time in that regard. 

2) Ensure Your Equipment is Up to Scratch

Nowadays, a lot of aspiring artists and musicians look to create from a home recording studio. This is possible and can cut out the need for a label or an agent, but it is not cost-effective. The best way to ensure you have state-of-the-art equipment and facilities is to hire out a music studio. This cuts the cost of having to source all the technology. 

PIRATE offers recording and music studios all over the globe. Their website can help you find a Brooklyn music studio in New York, which is where a lot of aspiring artists are located. Studios like this will also provide all of the equipment you need to ensure you can produce and deliver a great track or album. It is cost effective because you can hire it out for an hour, or for the day. You need your own laptop but pretty much everything else is provided for you. It is a definite recommendation to take advantage of these music studios as they come at an affordable rate. 

3) Do Not Fear Rejection

You have a good team around you, you’ve hired out the facilities, there is no need to worry about anything else. The next step is to put yourself out there and promote your artistry. As a member of the creative community, you should have the confidence in your own ability otherwise you wouldn’t have put in the effort. Working with your trusted team, you can begin to promote your own music. 

Do not be afraid of labels that may say no. You may start your promotion by reaching out to local agencies and labels, and then gradually go from there. Don’t email everyone and anyone otherwise the industry members might talk to each other and realize you’ve just been popping out emails without any thought process. An example of a strategy would be, if you are based in New York, to email local radio stations in Brooklyn. Then slowly become more adventurous as your name begins to build momentum. A bit of social media promotion for your music would help but don’t stop there. Gradually you will become more well known and build a bit of a following. Where others might reject you, some will adore you, and that brings us on to our next point.

 4) Respect your Audience

With your promotional skills now in full flow, you may be beginning to pick up a fan base. You could end up promoting and performing your music to audiences all around the world. It would be silly not to respect your fans. They could be the biggest factor in getting you to where you are. If they are huge followers of your music and culture, then sometimes give them a little extra. Hold a Zoom audience or a meet and greet when time allows. Adding a personal touch with your fans is certainly a great tip to all aspiring artists. 

Learn more about how else you can help an aspiring artist in this article here. If you want them to succeed, help them to follow these tips.

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