5 Clever Gifts For Your Tech Savvy Musician Friend

The holidays are coming in hot!

The holidays are coming in hot, and the last thing you want to hear at any given point is, “Oh, you shouldn’t have” when someone opens your gift. If you’ve got a musically-inclined person in your life and are perhaps not so musically talented yourself, this can even up the challenge ante. Don’t fret as we can help you get out of “treble” (groan). Read on for five gift suggestions for the tech-savvy musician you seek to please.

1. Effects and Pedals

These are basically accessories for musicians. And because many of us don’t need or want to spend the type of money on an actual instrument, this is often the way to go. offers a great list for those of us who are a bit—ahem—clueless, and it includes things like preamps, metal drives, rubberneck delays, MF-boosts, tuners, and more. All you need to know is that this will be a sure hit with your musically inclined mate.

2. Chromecast Audio

Streaming is just one of the many ways digital tools are crucial to us these days, but even more so for your technically and musically inclined sidekick. If she’s one of those people who can never be without music, this is the ideal gift, as she can stream her favorite tunes from the cloud to the speakers. Here’s the kicker: The phone acts as a remote but will also remain free to take calls. Mind is blown, right? And the piece de resistance is that they are so inexpensive you can likely afford to get her several for various rooms throughout the house. It’s a seamless experience when trying to stream songs from floor to floor. You know you won’t get that uncomfortable cringe when she opens this during the holidays.

3. A Master Class

Yes, your buddy is a musician. Yes, he is musically inclined. That doesn’t mean he’s necessarily reached his full potential yet, and he might be feeling a bit rusty. This is particularly true if he’s one of the many that has to have a “day job” that’s anything but his dream gig to make ends meet. And master classes can be a bit expensive to afford on your own. Perhaps you help him out with this as your gift. Helping him to hone his craft will surely make his musical heart skip a beat and put a smile on his face that may never leave.

4. Music Visualizer Maker Software

If your musically inclined friend likes to throw parties, she will love this one. A music visualizer maker creates animated 3D graphics move and “dance” in time with the musical beats. It takes any soiree from so-so to spectacular with its engaging presentation. If your friend loves her software presentation, she can even download it and share it on sites like YouTube and Vimeo.

5. Headphones

They’re not just for keeping your airplane seatmate from talking to you! As you’ve probably noticed, most music lovers are never without a way to listen to their favorite tunes. But it can be challenging to find headphones that are light in weight while still offering pristine sound quality. Tom’s Guide recommends the Behringer HPS3000 studio headphones. As the article notes, “At only $20 (the same prices as two months of Spotify Premium) these cans offer a ton of bang for your buck, with solid audio quality that includes strong bass and clear vocals.” They also offer an adapter for the true pro that’s mixing consoles. You might risk losing your music lover’s attention by getting him these, but you will certainly earn a special place in his heart.

Buying for the musically and technically savvy in your life can be challenging, particularly if this is not your wheelhouse. Buy any of the gifts off this list and you’ll surely mark this year in the “win” column.

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