4 Places In Florida You Should Visit Next (Besides Disney World)


Go get your sunshine on girl.

When you hear that anyone you know is traveling to Florida, you automatically assume that it is to see that famous mouse and all his friends at Walt Disney World. And while there is no doubt that this is an incredible experience, there is so much more to see in the Sunshine State. So, here we are going to be taking you on a walk-through of some of the other major attractions which Florida has to offer. We are going to try to keep it varied so that there is something for everyone in the list that we will be taking you through right here.


It is hard to believe that Miami used to be a relatively small and unimportant town when you see what it has become today. The Latin influences in the state are obvious, and it has become a fascinating melting pot where you can see a different side to the rest of the state. For many people, Miami will always be naturally associated in their minds with golden stretches of sand by turquoise waters. And if you want to see the city properly, it is well worth looking into renting a boat in Miami. In the city center, it is the art deco architecture which immediately draws the eye and captures the attention.

The Everglades

So much more than just a swamp, the Everglades is the kind of landscape which you get in very few places around the world. Hop onto a swamp buggy and you will skim your way over the top – taking the chance to spot an alligator or two no doubt! Otherwise, you can make your way around the park under your own steam by canoeing, biking, kayaking or hiking. There is a delicate balance to the ecosystem in this part of the US, and it is certainly worth discovering more about first hand.

St. Augustine

If you want a city which has a totally different feel to the revelry and hedonism of Miami, a walk around the cobblestone streets of St. Augustine will make you feel like you have stepped back in time. The Spanish founded this city way back in 1565, and it certainly has a very European feel in its architecture. Who says that the US doesn’t have any culturally important places?

Key West

If you are looking to get away from the mainland for a few ways, Key West is certainly the premier spot in Florida to head over to. And if you are looking for a party, you won’t have to look to hard to find one! Even though this is only a tiny island, it feels like it packs so much into its small space. Avoid the peak summer months when you won’t be able to move for visitors!

As you can see, there is so much more to see and enjoy in Florida beyond the obvious Disney attractions. Ultimately, everything depends on what sort of travelers you are.


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