4 Easy Ways To Handle Disappointment When It Happens

 In life, one thing that’s always a guarantee is disappointment. 

You apply for jobs but don’t get them, send out business proposals, get no reply, or ask for a hand in marriage and get turned down.

The list is endless.

Letdowns will always come; however, it is how you work to rise above them that clearly define who you are.

While others choose to cower and give up, you should opt to derive key lessons and use them to move forward.

Below are tips to help you handle disappointment better and come out stronger.

Seek Wise Counsel

When facing unexpected disappointment, your immediate action should be to seek advice from:


Professionals have a wealth of experience in handling disappointments, as they usually may have similar experiences. 

If you feel disappointed at specific parts of your body like the breasts, for example, seeking solid advice on a breast lift from industry experts will help you overcome confidence issues after realizing there are scientific solutions to your body problems.

Always look for sound advice from professionals on matters that bring you down in life.


To handle disappointments sometimes means looking for viable solutions. Research helps you discover new ways of dealing with let downs and offers useful solutions to forge ahead.

Change Strategies

Success is often the best way to handle immediate disappointment. Changing your strategy to one that accommodates both short term and long term goals will get you the desired results.

However, people make a common mistake of trying to fit their strategy with others and still expect the same results. This is dangerous because results vary from one individual to another and can often lead to disappointment.

Instead, you should incorporate different methods and optimize those that work for only you.

Remember, excellent strategies always offer spectacular results.

Take Advantage of the Items at your Disposal

Disappointment usually results in a loss that leaves you at your lowest. The best way to climb back up the ladder of success is by making full use of the free and paid resources at your disposal.

Learning to squeeze the value out of any opportunity that comes your way will help you build a wealth of knowledge to avoid future disappointments.

Practice Gratitude

Although let down always leaves us bitter and ungrateful, being thankful for things like health propels you to a greater comeback.

Avoid wallowing in disappointment for too long as it tends to hold you back from achieving better things in life.

Enhance your spirit of gratitude by:

  • Being intentional with words (practice more positive affirmations)
  • Meditating
  • Celebrating the small wins

Cultivate the attitude of gratitude in your life, and you’ll be better poised to handle disappointments along the way.


Although life has its positives, things can sometimes turn bad. It is during tumultuous moments that we are at our lowest and often feel like giving up.

Learning to move on from disappointment is possible if you seek wise counsel, change strategies, take advantage of what’s at your disposal, and practice a sense of gratitude every day. 

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