Four Club Outfits You Can Rock at Work

Clubbing every weekend can make a woman run low on the bills she needs to update her work wardrobe. But never fear! We’ve taken your favorite party-bobbin’ outfits and deemed what items can be transformed for your 9-to-5 gig. Be aware though. Nothing you rock in the office should tight enough to show off every bone or curve in your body.  We also don’t recommend these suggestions for you ladies that work in extremely conservative workplaces (suit and tie). Here are four items every girl selects for the club that can be updated for work.

Club to 9 to 5

The Little Black Skirt: Transform this clubbin’ classic by loosening it up and lengthening it out a bit. A tube skirt shows off your body form, but a skirt that’s too tight could send your office friends running to the gossip lounge. Wear tights under your skirt to lessen it’s booty-popping appeal for a more office-safe appearance.

The Glitzy Top: Who doesn’t own a sequin something these days? Bring some extra shine into the office by balancing your sequin tops with navy blue, gray, or black backgrounds. The neutrality is needed to keep the outfit from being to loud. Never rock a sequin dress to work as a top. We’re sorry, but it just doesn’t make the cut

The Body-Hugging Tuxedo Pants: First off, let us say that wearing tights to work may just get you sent right back out the door in most professional environments. Please, don’t do it. However, do consider rocking your tight chino pants to work.  Transform them by rocking a neutral or pastel color with a cute blazer.

The Sweater Dress: It’s the piece you only whip out in the winter. Sweater dresses always have automatic sex appeal, but add some conservativeness by pairing slightly sheer pantyhose with them. Steer clear of tights with prints – they can edge up the outfit too much and make it to racy. Also, don’t wear six-inch heels. Instead opt for shorter heels or flats if you’re tall.


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