3 Music Festivals We Want You to #SeeSummerBetter At

Squeezed into three measly months, summer is a hot season that often feels like it ends before it truly begins. But because we never let a summer day go by without filling it with something new and exciting, we thought we’d share with you three music festivals we’ve been pining for — and what we hope you’ll wear to them!

There’s one summer accessory we also can’t live without: shaaaaades. Sunglasses are the perfect styling tool to not only protect your eyes from harsh UV rays, but also to add an extra touch of mystery and suave. Although Ray Bans (and their knock offs) have been all the rage, we’ve taken a keen liking to Warby Parker’s sunglasses collection, which offers a range of polarized prescription shades in limitless styles. Did we mention that their free home try-on program is super clutch (and futuristic? Bravo, WP, bravo).

So before Labor Day weekend steals your final days of shine, add these events to your calendar (and these accessories to your closet!).



Known as one of the most multicultural festivals in the U.S., AFROPUNK is an urban alternative music weekend filled with unconventional style and non-conforming attitudes. Get your ticket today to be among millennial artists and people who probably really don’t give a fuck if their lipstick is way too purple because, hell, it’s cool. Want to see this event better? Rock the Downing frames in Striped Indigo for a polished yet quirky look.

Made In America


Launched in 2012 as one of the most genius millennial marketing ploys for American beer (just kidding), Budweiser’s Made in America is a cultural event that draws crowds from all over the northeast. Before you drop the last pennies in your purse though to see some of the top acts perform (Bey we got you!), be sure that you can see your favorite artists perform by rocking the Haskell frames in crystal; you’ll certainly be turning heads.Haskell Frames, Warby Parker



One of the younger festivals on the list, Trillectro is a growing force to be reckoned with. This one-day extravaganza is the ultimate combination of hip hop and electronic music. If you are looking to sway to the beats of some up and coming names in music, then be sure to lock down your lawn chair for this banging event in D.C. Want to see this event better? Don the Bates frames in English Oak for to show off your regal confidence.bateslarge

This post was shared as part of Warby Parker’s #seesummerbetter campaign. 

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