3 Kinds Of Gifts Your Significant Other Will Love

3 kinds of gifts your significant other will love

Sure, gift cards can make a nice stocking stuffer, but 60 percent of women prefer to receive thoughtful Christmas presents. So why not give something with a more personal touch this holiday season? Staying at home is the new going out. Give your partner the gift of versatility this holiday season, with styles and looks to up their home game. 

Staying in

Nothing says “cozy up” like leggings, jeggings or joggers. Help your favorite person channel their Danish hygge and turn to a relaxed fit for a more comfortable time spent lounging on the sofa. Metallic accents add a touch of glam any woman is sure to appreciate. If your partner is really into their sneakers, opt for joggers so they can show off those stylish sneakers when zipping around on errands. 

Nothing makes staying in better than a cozy fleece sweatshirt or a long-sleeved tunic top. For the woman in your life, turn to a boyfriend crew for the ultimate in comfort, thanks to an all-over relaxed fit. And for the man, consider a new hoodie in his favorite color.

Heading out

If your partner is still working out in ratty mismatched clothing from a decade ago, it’s time to upgrade their look in a big way. It’s all about cute and comfortable, with stretch elastic-band waisted joggers, shorts and sweatpants. Mild winters were made for lightweight cotton, but if your winters boast temperatures that really dip down, heat-retaining materials like fleece are the way to go. 

Running gloves keep hands out of the elements and make for a much more pleasant outdoor run. A beanie hat, with or without the sweet pom-pom top, allows any runner to stay that much warmer. Swap the beanie for a headband in milder temps. Throw in a pair of cushioned socks with sweat-wicking tech to keep feet warm, dry and capable of going the distance. Their morning run will never look the same (and that’s a good thing).

Anytime, Anywhere

No matter where your partner roams, fresh kicks make all the difference. What could be more on-trend than a pair of Air Jordan 1s? Your partner doesn’t need to be a basketball enthusiast or a sneaker collector to love the look of the Jordan Retro 1, but if your significant other is a fan, you’ll earn major praise with that suave gifting move. 

Much like Michael Jordan himself, Air Jordan 1s are a timeless classic. Men and women (and even big kids and toddlers) can find a pair in the right size. If you think Jordan 1s are only available in basic black, red or white, take a second look. You’ll find a slew of styles in all kinds of colors, so you can find the perfect pair to match your partner’s style preference.

Merry and Bright

Holiday gift-giving doesn’t have to mean the same old thing, surprise your partner with something different. From cozy staying in clothing to an upgrade (and an update) in workout wear, complete his or her fashion ensemble with Jordan Retro 1 sneakers. Low-key or glammed up, your partner can head out for errands, fit in a workout or sit through another Zoom meeting in total comfort.

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