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3 Exercise Activities To Get Your Child Into


We all know that exercise and keeping active has many benefits. Moving our bodies can help keep health concerns at bay and improve our mental wellbeing.

But what about our kids? What impact does exercise have on our little ones? And what exercise activities can we get them into? Read on to find out. 

Start young

Typically, you’ll find that your children are happy (and ready for a nap!) after an hour of running around the park. As well as tiring them out, there are several reasons why the ideal time to get kids into sporting activities is when they’re young.

First – and most importantly – it’s fun. Introducing them to team sports or group exercises when they’re tiny means they’re learning new skills and making friends before they reach an age where they can become self-conscious. Even babies can be active as part of a group in classes such as baby sensory or yoga, but it’s the one to four-year-olds who need at least three hours of physical activity a day. 

Also, being active becomes part of their routine. Whatever sport or exercise they take up, they’ll know it’s just a class on a Saturday or a match after school, making it a natural part of their world.

Additionally, they pick up valuable skills, from time management to how to be a team player. These are skills that can be transferred to the classroom and beyond.

Top activities for kids

So, what activities could suit your children? As with adults, it might involve a bit of trial and error. Some children love nothing more than kicking a football, while others prefer to dance. Take the time to let them explore what they love.

For some ideas, here are three activities to try:


You might have taken your children swimming when they were babies, but it’s worth getting them back in the water if it’s been a while. Try going as a family to see if they enjoy it and then you can look into lessons and classes.

Council-run pools offer monthly memberships and discounts, along with classes led by teachers, so this could be an affordable activity. Plus, it’s a great way for your child to make friends, build stamina and compete for awards. 


There are many different types of dance classes designed for tiny ones. From beginners ballet to tap and street, there is something to suit all ages and abilities.

If your child wants to take up dance, you’ll need to invest in lessons, outfits and the right footwear. There are different levels here, from basic lessons to competitions and shows, so you might need to think about the costs involved. While it can be tempting to take out a payday loan, alternative lines of credit are available that can work for you – especially if you discover your child is a talented dancer. 


This is one to wear them out! Tennis gets them moving and is relatively inexpensive. A decent racket and some tennis balls are all that’s needed here, especially as many parks have free-to-use courts on site.

Like other sports, this is a great way to meet new people and make friends.

What sport will your little ones try?

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